Monday, December 25, 2006


While Christmas might mean hangin' out with family and friends for most this year it means racking up the holiday pay hours at both of my jobs.

So I do not have time to post much in the next couple of days.

However I do have one question...

Why do North America game release covers suck so much ass compared to Japanese and European game covers?

Which game would YOU rather play?

All in all Japanese cover art kicks so much ass it's not funny.

I am going to make some custom art for my emulators and stuff. Because I have no social life right now...


fatherkrishna said...

Merry Christmas Caleb!
What do you mean no social life?
You've got the blogging community at your fingertips!
Just played Crimson Death OX today... Got to say the thing that got me was having to use the D pad to aim! Used to pointing and shooting!

Oh well... Hope Christmas hasn't been to bad! If you're near you're keyboard you're near friends! Both the Elderly and Gnome have become firm friends of mine this year and I've never met either of them!

Work is a necessary evil that puts dollar into the bank that can buy you games!

See God has a plan for us all...

Take care mate!

Caleb said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I am going to be happy that I racked up so many damn holiday hours yesterday when payday comes around.

And of course my family will be having Christmas celebrations this coming weekend. So I will have some $$ to spend on stuff.

High on my list:

Anything dreamcast *of course*
Gotta go to Syracuse to see if I can pick up some titles. Also there are some racing games -Sega Rally- at the used shop and I have to check back at the other resale shop to see if there is anything new.

Sega All Stars for Eye toy - $8

Cheap collections of GBA Games from older systems.

Oblivion for the PC.

Merry Christmas!

And beware the sword of the stink!

fatherkrishna said...

I now know about that damned shitty sword! (Shoot the sword not the character right?)

I do see how it's not the greatest light gun game in the repertoire...
However! Having coveted it for so long, having received it through the post and had the resolve to not open it till Christmas day...
It coming all the way from the US and being a non PAL release... It's still pretty special!

Syracuse! Been there! I LOVE the US... My Syracuse memory as a 14 year old about a quarter of a century ago, is going to a pizza restaurant, being massively overwhelmed by the size of American portions, and eating the left-overs out of the boot/trunk of the rental car the next day!!


Caleb said...

Syracuse, like most Northern New York cities has gone downhill in past years. Except for Watertown were I live now...but lets face it Watertown could only go up economically from it's depths.

Luckily I do not need to go into the city proper to get to the game shops. They are all situated on the outskirts.

fatherkrishna said...

Hey Caleb!

Did your Christmas improve? Catch up with the family and have a few good days? Any new posts on the horizon?

Only a few days away from picking up Daytona USA 2001...

Have neglected DCOX and not given it a full consideration 'cos I've been playing X Men DS and Sega Worldwide Soccer/Clockwork Knight on Saturn!!

Happy New Year my friend! May it bring you everything you wish for!!!