Friday, December 15, 2006

Kewl Modding and the size of game cases.

Even Bandit the cat loves Dreamcast!

Well yesterday after I got done testing out my new stuff I realized that I never posted that I modded my dreamcast.

Well...the skull doesn't actually do anything but it makes my dreamcast look less girly.

I have always loved and hated the cuteness factor of my dreamcast. This is the same system that plays games like Resident Evil Code Veronica and House of the Dead 2 and Shadow man, yet it seems like it has always been pidgeon holed as a "cute" system. Hey people. The dreamcast has form and functionality. It is bad ass. The skull just proves it.

Since it doesn't have any harddrive you don't have to actually make any physical changes to play games like Beats of Rage or Crisis Evil but you do have to consider the effects of CD-Rs on the system. There are also step by step instruction on how to change the LED lights on the dreamcast but I think that I am happy with just the skull for now.

Anyways while Bandit was playing Expendable I was considering the Dreamcast games VS. the Saturn game I bought yesterday.

Take a gander.

Look how Friggin' HUGE the Saturn cases compared to the tiny ass dreamcast jewel case.

I have always thought that US dreamcast games are so easily beat up because of their tiny ass cases. I mean look at the modern DVD and Game cases. Not as huge as the saturn but much less likely to shatter.

This makes me want to protect my used dreamcast games without cases using DVD cases. I will have to get some cool covers and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! jeez! You guys are lucky... Both Saturn boxes and Dreamcast boxes are shit!! They fall apart, smash up and are the most frustrating things about either system..

Anonymous said...

Excellent mod BTW!

Anonymous said...

Caleb, I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty of posting a link to Hunyak on the saturn junkyard.
i think more people should read your stuff... you've got a good Games/stream of conciousness site going on there! However if you want me to remove it I will...

Anonymous said...

With regards to the cases issue wikipedia's saturn entry actually highlights how shit they are!
if yo go to the Saturn yard there is a link in the first article... Plus I am addicted to feedback on my rambling posts and have apreciated your thoughts on my DCJY articles...
drop by when you can!

Caleb said...

I don't mind at all.

Just realize that I have very little internet access during the weekends and all so updates are gonna only be during the week.