Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dreamcast games to play on Halloween.

Well I have been forced into the Halloween spirit this year as my place of work seems to require it.

The theme is "Batman" this year so I managed to grab a burlap sack from a local coffee shop and I am making into a "Scarecrow Mask" for Halloween. It's coming out quite nice.

Here are a few games to play during Halloween.

The new Beats of Rag Mod based on the Splatterhouse series.

I have not played it yet. I am assuming you go around and kill evil stuff in a messy manner (If they stay true to the source material that is...)

Here is the DCEmu article and the LavaLit article for future reference.

The original RE series is a no brainer when it comes to horror themed games.

RE Code Veronica was the first RE game to do away with 2D backgrounds and was the first RE game to debut on a non-Sony console.

I find that the Dreamcast controller is perfect for survival horror games and thus I enjoy playing this game on the Dreamcast rather than the PS2 or Gamecube.

Find a copy of this lovely gem and proceed to have a good time running away from zombies and biological freaks for awhile.

Bats are really annoying. Hold up your lighter to get rid of them. I played through this game once before I learned that trick.

Illbleed is like starring in a B-Horror movie.

Instead of running away from enemies the gameplay drives you to walk slowly through each level looking for traps and steak dinners to gorge yourself on.

It's fun to play a game that doesn't really take itself too seriously but still manages to be very creepy and bloody at times.

Also: Evil Undead Sonic.

And of course the ultimate Halloween party game.

"Suffer like G did?"
"No! Don't Come!"

We have all heard these lines before and we all love them.

You know what I really wanted to do an in depth article about why this game is so fun but come on.

Zombies with Chainsaws people...

...You can't get more Halloween than that.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yeah. Not much going on.

General stuff going on at work. More and more people that have never used the library are using the library now that we have "hard economic times".

I am busy watching cats flushing the toilet and that really bothers me.

Lets see here.

This weekend I finally got Dino Crisis 2 again (I had to sell my original copy back in 2002.) I also picked up a good copy of Grandia.

I have been working out which is good.

I slept in by accident today and nobody would have found out about it. (I love my job)
But I did report myself and put in for comp- time to cover the loss.

There was a seminar about a telephone/monitor system for the deaf and I missed going. There was no overtime cash for it and my Friday and Saturday was busy. They did a news story on it and now someone wants us to get it... crap.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Game Alert: Iji


This is perhaps the most promising freeware game I have seen since cave story.

People are calling this a 2D Deus Ex.

It is so cool looking. Like an updated Another World.

It's free. Try it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a Gentle Reminder: Dux and Wind and Water Puzzle Battles!

For everyone who has been living without Internet access...(you know, like me). The rest of you might be sick of hearing about these games but come on!

Wind and Water.It's a fast paced puzzle game!

It's an old school shooter!

This is a very exciting time for the Dreamcast scene. Possible success for these titles may help usher in a new wave of Dreamcast Independent releases from smaller companies.

Also bear in mind that similar games with limited releases became quite the collectors items once the original run ran dry. So yeah. If you are considering spending some cash on a "current gen" game maybe you should consider investing your cash in one of these instead. It's gonna cost you about the same amount of money.

(And don't forget they still have some copies of Last Hope left at Red Spot Games. I know I am gonna grab one!)

Free Game Alert: The Suffering.

I am going to post everytime I find a free game

Pulled from Kotaku.

A hefty download (over a gig) but it's a decent game.;11846564;/fileinfo.html

I have the PS2 version and the sequel. I finished the original (Always a sign of a decent game) and found it to be pretty damn fun.

It's your basic "Oh crap I am on a prison island and everything is going supernatural and demonic" type game. More action but a pretty good dose of horror and blood as well.

The story is OK and the enemy design is just fantastic!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The end of Retro Games from 2008 and on...

I like Retro PC games. I like getting them for cheap at various thrift stores, salvation army stores and pawn shops. It introduces me to franchises, game developers, genres and I generally just like playing old retro stuff.

I am used to buying old PC games and easily being about to run them on my computer.

But now there is a whole new crop of protected games out there that I simply cannot play.

Even if I happened to find a super cheap copy of Half Life 2 out there I can't install it because the single player game REQUIRES internet access to install.

I have no means of using the internet at home right now.

Even worse than that it seems like insane DRM methods are popping up.

A maximum number of installs? Really?

It doesn't effect a gamer like me now but it will when I am looking through garage sales a few years from now.

Now with console games it hasn't gotten that bad yet. A copy of a single player game for the PS3 will still work on the PS3 years from now.

But PC games seem to be getting worse.

Perhaps I am getting too upset at this. I mean I fool around getting old games to work on my new computer because the requirements have changed. Won't there be workarounds made in the future that will ensure I can still buy used games for cheap?

Well I shouldn't have to use hacks and fancy CD-rips to play a retro game I got through an honest transaction.

I first got a copy of Half Life by buying my brothers old copy. Then I ended up buying 2 different bundled collections of the same game from Retail stores.

I also bought a shitload of other Sierra games like FEAR and Timeshift because I loved Half Life so much.

Now if Half Life 2 would have not required Internet access for installing the single player game I would have ALREADY bought Episode 1, 2 and the Orange Pack.

And that loss of $130 to Sierra was caused by a simple internet requirement.

The only way I COULD play the single player game is to pirate it from a Warez site. I don't want to do that because I don't like risking computer viruses.

Can you imagine what a pain in the ass it is going to be to play Retro PC games from 2008 in the future with things like Maximum Installs and other insane DMR measures?

And Pirates will STILL copy the damn game.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chicken Pizzaiola (Pizziola) is back at Subway. $5 footlong

This sandwich is pretty much the only reason to eat at subway. (Unless you are going to get a no-cheese 6-inch chicken on wheat with no mayo as a health conscious fast food choice)

For awhile you could order it off menu at some Subways but not all of them. Now it it's back for a limited time.

Note that that Chicken Pizziola sub shown here is not dressed correctly. You need to add tomatoes, onions, green peppers and black olives to get the maximum experience.

The drawback is that this sub is perhaps the worst sodium offender out there. I suppose you could cut down on the sodium by halving the cheese and pepperoni they put on it...Subway always puts too much cheese on their subs.

Now if Quiznos decided to add a similar sub in it's menu for $5.00 that would be something. You could even add mushrooms to it. They might try to go old school though and have bacon and salami on the sub.

Luckily I just joined a gym and swam for an hour yesterday (First time in like 5 years). So I can actually eat one of these sometime.

Holy crap. I can't believe I posted an entire article on a stupid sandwhich...How lame. I guess I should have had breakfast this morning. I am so hungry...

Now that I am working out again I need to eat three meals a day.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sega Getting Into Portable Media Devices...

*sigh* I don't think it's gonna have that many games though...

It seems like it's just a crappy media player branded Sega.

It *might* be cool if Sega ported some decent games for it, or even made some new games.

Pulled from Sega Nerds.

Friday, October 03, 2008

This was actually the first fast food I have memory of eating.


Future generations will say: "You killed the enviroment for THIS??!!?!??!?!"

(But honestly? It kept the cold side cold and the hot side hot. Back when Macdonald's actually used somewhat fresh ingredients it was pretty tasty. I made an oath not to go to Macdonald's about 2 years ago that I haven't broken yet due to their decline in quality. Independently owned restaurants all the way!)

Video blog on new Apartment I filmed awhile back.

Why did I bother editing this old footage of my new apartment?

Uploaded by Blandco

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Lonely Island.

I still love their old stuff better than the stuff they do for SNL.

I hope the Lonely Island Dudes get their own show one day.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This song has grown on me.

I dunno what it is. I just really like this song. It's by a French band called Justice. It's just like an squired taste. You don't really know what to think about it the first time you try it but let some time pass and listen to it again and you might fall in love with it.

It makes me want to go out and beat people up with a collapsible baton club.

And holy crap take a look at this video!

That's pretty nice.

They are still plugging away at that game...

Did you see the dreamcast shirt in there?

This game will be released for the Dreamcast!