Monday, December 25, 2006


While Christmas might mean hangin' out with family and friends for most this year it means racking up the holiday pay hours at both of my jobs.

So I do not have time to post much in the next couple of days.

However I do have one question...

Why do North America game release covers suck so much ass compared to Japanese and European game covers?

Which game would YOU rather play?

All in all Japanese cover art kicks so much ass it's not funny.

I am going to make some custom art for my emulators and stuff. Because I have no social life right now...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sega Dreamcast - The solution to everything

Well I am no longer pissed or sad that my perfect looking SNES shit the bed and is no longer working properly.

And why? Because dreamcast is indeed the answer to all problems in life.

I followed the advice of fatherkrishna of dreamcast junkyard and saturn junkyard fame (See links to the right) and used a little thing called DREAMSNES.

...while this program does indeed has bugs and some slowdown on some games it emulated the games I can no longer play on my broken SNES on Dreamcast perfectly.

I am very happy. I didn't think that I was going to be able to burn a disk with so much ease but with the program bootdreams and Alcohol 120 (The program, not the
drink) I was able to do so easily.

So I am not going to attempt any more fixes with that damn system. I am gonna play my dreamcast!

Ironically this was probably the first case where a person used emulation who actually had the original game carts. Imagine!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Sega proves it's awesomeness again...

I would also like to make a quick note about the Genesis that was stored in the exact same manner (and was bought in much worse condition) as the seemingly broke SNES. It is still in excellent working condition.

So while Super Mario is running around in screwed up pixelated backgrounds the dude from Altered Beast is still beating the crap outta zombies and Joe from N.G. 3 is throwing daggers like a champ.

And it doesn't have that annoying as hell eject button.

So Sega still rules as a console maker!

My poor poor SNES...

SNES might be dead fer good.

From what I have read the video problem might mean that the actual RAM have been destroyed. Ram for an SNES costs more than the actual system...

...So I am gonna clean 'er out with a toothbrush today to see if that will help.

And maybe take the bad boy apart to see if there is anything loose.

If nothing else I am going to pray that I can find another SNES somewhere...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My SNES has graphic errors.

If anyone knows anything about graphic errors in a SNES please contact me...

The forground graphics are fine. But the background in games like Mario is messed up.

I am gonna try screwing around with the AV cable to see if that will fix anything (the only advice from the nintendo site). But I dunno.

Please help me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I thought I had a cool ass dreamcast collection...

This guy has all the dreamcast games I wanted and all the ones that I wished I would have bought when I had the chance. He even has a couple that I was forced to sell in college when I needed the money. *sad* There were even a few that I forgot or didn't know existed!!!!

Not the best CG intro I ever saw...

Before you play the ring video game for dreamcast...


Monday, December 18, 2006

The Dreamcast Game That Time Forgot.

I was greedly looking through my dreamcast games when I notice one on the side of the "Big Cardboard Box 'O Dreamcast Games".

It was in a blank case (as is alot of my other dreamcast games since I bought them used and the dumbasses that work in the used stores lost all the original cases of the dreamcast games) I had not noticed it much before (Like Virtual On and Vigilance 8). I have actually wanted to make some labels for them but I have been too damn lazy.

It was E.G.G. or Evolution Gimmick Gear.

A dreamcast game that I gave not played yet!!?!??!?!?!?


Regardless it seems like a mix of Zelda style fighting mixed in with various RPG elements.

The strange graphics of this game are trippy. Overall it seems to be a much better attempt than the "Silver" game. And the cutscenes are really nice. Kinda like the anime that mixes CG and traditional animation ( was it Blue Sub?).

Anyways it's nice to know that I can find something new with my dreamcast stuff.

In other news I was comparing my dreamcast (The one that is not in storage) with my Saturn.

Overall I gotta say that the Saturn just can't compare. In looks, gameplay, and loudness.

And the Saturn is so dumb it still thinks it 1994 for cripes sake...get a clue console...

And the controller? Hell I mean the controller for the Saturn just looks like a blank. Nothing. And people that complain about the dreamcast controller being hard to handle should try to use the Saturn pad. On a side note I do not have any of the "normal" Saturn game pads without the analoge toggler thingie...and without NiGHTS I can't really use the special controller for much. I could have used it for Panzer Dragoon 2...but the game is still busted and...

Anyways it still pisses me off that the dreamcast controller VMU design was not used in the new wave of controllers. I mean it was just so damn cool to look at the controller in RE CV and see how much health was left or see how much ammo was left in DINO CRISIS. It was really a gameplay element that I still think is awesome. Nowadays people just keep their eyes glued to the damn TV screen...I dunno. I think it is one of the coolest aspects of the dreamcast controller. I am pissed most games did not make more use of it. I like extra little stuff like that.

So the Saturn pad looks like the Dreamcast controller's ugly cousin.

And despite the fact that I have limber toes I cannot play either of these controllers with my feet with any accuracy. So that's one thing the classic NES, SNES, and GENESIS controllers have over the newer ones.

(and yes those are my real feet...I have werewolf stock in me.)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kewl Modding and the size of game cases.

Even Bandit the cat loves Dreamcast!

Well yesterday after I got done testing out my new stuff I realized that I never posted that I modded my dreamcast.

Well...the skull doesn't actually do anything but it makes my dreamcast look less girly.

I have always loved and hated the cuteness factor of my dreamcast. This is the same system that plays games like Resident Evil Code Veronica and House of the Dead 2 and Shadow man, yet it seems like it has always been pidgeon holed as a "cute" system. Hey people. The dreamcast has form and functionality. It is bad ass. The skull just proves it.

Since it doesn't have any harddrive you don't have to actually make any physical changes to play games like Beats of Rage or Crisis Evil but you do have to consider the effects of CD-Rs on the system. There are also step by step instruction on how to change the LED lights on the dreamcast but I think that I am happy with just the skull for now.

Anyways while Bandit was playing Expendable I was considering the Dreamcast games VS. the Saturn game I bought yesterday.

Take a gander.

Look how Friggin' HUGE the Saturn cases compared to the tiny ass dreamcast jewel case.

I have always thought that US dreamcast games are so easily beat up because of their tiny ass cases. I mean look at the modern DVD and Game cases. Not as huge as the saturn but much less likely to shatter.

This makes me want to protect my used dreamcast games without cases using DVD cases. I will have to get some cool covers and stuff.

New stuff!

Well something made my dreamcast happy!

Was it my cellar full of classic video game stuff?

Was it an awesome sandwhich?

Was it my cat Bandit falling asleep in a comical fashion?

Cool Classic Cat

No! It was new Dreamcast stuff!

Namely Centipede and the atari collection! Bought from the local pawn shop (renamed a re-sale shop to avoid the fact that pawn shops are supposed to be illegal in my area).

These two game BOTH have a copy of the arcade version of centipede on them. (though the atari edition has the actual arcade sounds which are cooler) $5 bucks each. Not to horrible. (and I haggled 10% off the total - a dollar is a dollar-) Fun classics on the atari. and now I can finally challenge other people to a PONG battle. Awesome!

You will also notice a MINT copy of fighting vipers for the Saturn that someone put in with the SEGA CD used games. $3.99 American. Oh if only people sold more saturn and dreamcast stuff....

For people to say that dreamcast stuff sucks is stupid since you can hardly ever find ANY of the games for sale in used shops here. I mean crap man. You can find TONS of PS1 and PS2 games. Try finding dreamcast and then tell me what the better system is?

I was very happy with both purchases only to weep as I remembered that my copy of panzer dragoon 2 for satun does not work past the opening credits and menu selection. If you hold it up to the light you notice 3 areas where the light shines through...Chipped from the top...I don't think there can ever be a fix to this. The funny thing is that my copy of Rayman for Saturn looks like swiss cheese when you hold it to the light and I have yet to have a problem with that game. Too bad. So sad. There is another copy in Rochester I can buy if I am ever feeling rich I guess.

Does anyone know if there is a fix to games that are chipped from the top? Please let me know if you do.

Anyways I am going to play some PONG and totally PWN the computer!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh the joys of CLEARANCE PRICED games.

So to start off I decided to drop off at the local K-Mart on a whim yesterday and picked up some good deals.

It was almost as great as the time I got 30 game gear games and other stuff for $5.oo when the Ames chain store closed. (Sold the extra copies for more than $100.00) Good times!

But of course nothing could really compare to that. (Except when I got a bunch of discounted DC games when Gamestop stopped selling them but that was lame because other people beat me there for all the REALLY good games)

Anyways. I guess the big chain stores are trying to sell out of their old stuff. (i.e When Walmart had the packs of Soul Calibur and stuff for PS1 for like $5.) So big displays of PS2 and Gamecube stuff has been showing up in stores. Nothing great mind you...Until I checked in on Kmart. Last week they had no good deals, this week...

First and perhaps greatest buy! EYETOY FITNESS! $5.00! WITH EYETOY!!!! HURRAAHH!!!

Yes proving again that some game designers have no shame, it a video game that makes the person exercise! It was priced at $50.00 so I think that the $5.00 price was GREAT.

I have got to try this out soon. Also I got a spy game that goes with the Eye toy as well. $3

I have never used an eye toy before but it seems like a cool concept. So it looks like I am going to look like a moron playing a video game...AGAIN. Eat your heart out Maraca Vegeta.

A bit more expensive was the double pack of Castlevania Aria and Harmony $15

Very cool games though! It's awesome to whip the hell outta some skeletons throwing their own skulls at you on the go!

And finally...

Metal Slug 4+5 for $9.00, not the greatest price but I have a deep joy for fast playing video games with a ton of mindless violence. And this has it.

Not gotten but hidden (!) for today was

Indigo Prophecy $4. Ape Escape 3 $4. Gunstar SuperHeros GBA $10. Odama $12.

Has anyone played Odama? Is it worth it to pay $12? I think I am going to get the other games since they are such good prices but Odama? I dunno. Yelling into a controller is something I like to reserve for dreamcast.

Overall a success!

BONUS! Here are some stories I worked on at work today! They impact the quaint rural atomostsphere that surrounds me in my current area.

Two stories I did today that struck me as funny.

1. - A really old couple held off two 200+ pound robbers. The husband fought with the robbers and hit one in the head with a sugar bowl while the wife got the shotgun to drive them off.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO. This is one video that really captures the attitude of people in my area.

2. - Two guys (one or both of them drunk an on some drugs) used a 50 caliber muzzle loader rifle to rob am Amish man in a horse drawn Buggy. Then they followed him to his house and tried to rob that. The kicker? They were looking for drugs. They evidently confused the Amish in our area for the VERY few Amish in Penn. that once were arrested for drugs.

I hope some of those video games are still there today!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Not angry blog.

Well I was going to post a really really angry note here...

However this blog is less of a sounding off and pissed off and vent blog than the others.

With the easy upload of pictures and stuff I think that this blog would be better used a center for my media projects as well as my dreamcast and video game stuff.

I really think that the tone of this blog should be less angry and shit.

So as soon as I have some cool video stuff or anything I will update!

Peace out y'all.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas cheer

Someone created this video and I can only hope to one day make something that even comes close to it.

VMU Batttery and Gauntlet Anst

SO it turns out I was right about the VMU Battery. It just takes 2 normal batteries that you can find in any photography shop. I got 2 for $1.50. Now my VMU is ALIVE!

Now I can play the mini games. For anyone that is interested there is an OFFICIAL VMU manual download at the sega America site


as well as manuals for the dreamcast itself and some of the games. ( a must for people like me who buy used games with no cases or manuals)

And on to the deep sorrow of gauntlet legends...

I first played this game at a friends house (gamecube version?) and found it to be fun as hell when you are drunk and want to play a simple game with only three buttons. Very cool. and it's four players!

Gameplay it like the original gauntlet. A ton of respawning enemies! Different characters to choose. A great game in my opinion.

Imagine my joy when I found out it could be bought for the dreamcast!

I bought it orginally like 2 years ago and found that it crashed as soon as you tried to actually play the game. ARGHH!!!

I tried cleaning it and repairing it in my rotary cleaner and NOTHING.

So last night I was looking through my stuff and I found the disk. Well I was bored and as a last resort I tried a pair of deer leather gloves I had for wood working. I was really sleep deprived and this seemed like a good idea. Anyways it WORKED!

The game booted up and played normally! I tried it again and it worked again! And then next time it did not....and then it did! and then it crashed the next time...

I was considering to just leave it in a dreamcast when it WAS working and to never open that dreamcast again and use that particular one just for the gauntlet game. An interesting approach but it fell through when the game STILL stopped working when I moved the console around a bit.

Ergo the anst. I have a fun as hell game that will not boot up on a regular basis.

As a last ditch effort I am going to take it to be repaired today at the game store.


Hopefully that will work.

Until then I can at least be happy that my VMU doesn't beep any more.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's time for another random post! Lets start off the rambling!

I have too many stupid things going online without actually getting anything accomplished.
I need to shoot some more video projects now that the graphics card in my comp seems stable.
And dump down old VHS videos and dreamcast game footage.
I gotta trade in that $20 game I got for $4.99 @ Sears because of a misplaced sticker. Score.
On a side note I also got copy of Metroid Prime 2 for 5.99. Nice. I drew the line at seeing what the game "Harvest Moon" was priced at. Come on you HAVE to have limits.

Hmm. What else?

Oh I found out that Doom is on the Game boy Advance. I think it would be funny as hell to get a copy for my micro. Playing doom on something that small would be amusing...perhaps when I trade in that game from Sears. Prepare to Suffer UAC zombies!!!!

Got a "mystery" coupon from Best buy. Not to ad it could be worth anything from $5 to $5,000. So at least $5. Somewhat nice. two for $30 best sellers (ie old) games this week. Unfortunately I have yet to consider if I really want any PS2 games. I already have most of the ones I want. So why get more? Perhaps a sega genesis classics pack? I dunno what else...

Gotta get some lith. batteries for my Dreamcast VMU. I think I actually saw them in a store that sells stuff for cameras and junk.

Gotta pressure myself to keep up with the swimming. Once I am in the pool it is fun. It would be freakign lame to go back to the HS pool to try to swim and see all the glory on the wall of records. 7 records that no one will ever beat in that school. And if anyone recognized me or my name that would suck.

And now for the sappy look at my current existance.

I overcame alot of stuff in my brief 25 years on this earth. Swimming in high school and college. (Senior year in college does not count) working my ass off during all my higher education at two fucking jobs. Doing college TV. meeting a ton of really cool people. Through it all I always seemed to do really well in classwork with no real effort on my part. Yet my smarts never seem to help me out in the real world.

It really seems like I am at an strange point in my life. I did really well in grad school only to fall back on my undergrad to get a job.

I dressed and looked like a total knob in grad school and did not get to know the people I needed to know to get a good job or really focus on the skills needed to get a job. (I learned alot. Just not how to land a position)

So, a move back to the fucking rural shithole I crawled out of. A not so brief stint at a local gas station chain that I still work part time in. The stupid shits I deal with at that job really had destroyed ANY limited amount of faith I have left in humanity. But I soon got a better job! And off a 3 year old resume to boot!

I am working in TV which is what I really like to do.

I like my current job but I am in a shitty area where everyone my age is either a soldier about to got to war or fucking welfare trash with ten kids. I can't really hang out with the former and I don't want to hang out with the latter. So no friends at all. Nobody I knew is still around. People that I do know never and I might consider hanging around never called me back after a party so fuck them. I honestly do not want to hang out with them either.

No girls my age around this place either. NOBODY moves back to this godforsaken rural pit after they leave for education or just to get out of here. Any females left here already have kids by 19 and are divorced or are truly disgusting creatures inside and out. So very little chance at having any kind of relationship.

I am working out a bit which is good.

So I like the job and everything but it seems like my social life is just shitty due to my current location.

I guess I gotta just look around to see if there is anyone around that I could possibly hang out with and have some social interaction.

And I still have my dream of making a basic cable local skit comedy show. That would SO rock. It would be on really late at night and people switching the channels would stop to look at it and shit. It would ROCK.

So that's one thing going for me. Right now there is NOTHING on the local cable. No shows at all. So I guess getting it would be somewhat easy? ...and cheap.

And I am also doing some crap online and stuff. Which is cool.

However I have been let down by the Internet. I have limited access and I really don't fucking care. There a couple of cool sites, blogs, web comics and a ton of resources. But nothing that is helping me out. You need actual PEOPLE in your fucking life that understand halfway what you are going through and give you a small bit of encouragement to get off your ass and get some shit done. Not actual encouragement. Just by being there and fuckign reminding you that there are other people out there. I really miss all the awesome people I met at Geneseo and Buffalo.
I am freaking bored and somewhat pissed about my current surroundings and situation.
However I suppose that by writing this I have gotten myself pumped up a bit about getting out there and getting a better life for myself! So my life is not over yet and I have learned alot. I can always get out there and look for a better job and a better future! Yah! Whatever. At least the internet gives me a place to vent a bit so I can concentrate on what's important.

Monday, December 04, 2006

My new graphics card and such.

I just got a new graphics card. In addition to my Analog video firewire doo-hickey machine means that I am all set to digitize and edit some awesome videos. First on the list...

Dreamcast! I am going to make a kick ass web video showing that you don't need to blow $500 bucks on a new console to play some awesome video games.

Included are going to be short gameplay videos from.

RE- Code Veronica

Bue Stinger

Sword of the Berserk - Guts Rage

House of the Dead 3

Sonic Adventure?

Skies of Arcadia.

Grandia 2.


Dead or Alive 2

SNK VS Capcom dream match

Quake 3


A bunch of others. I really should consider if I want to have cool music in this video or royalty free stuff. I dunno.

Also I have some old VHS and S-VHS tapes that I need to dump down so I can edit the stuff on there.

It's a freaking pity that I do not have more royalty free sounds and music to edit with. Or anyone in my area that wants to freaking make some skit comedy or something.

All in alll I need to get some damn video editing crap done! I have no excuse NOT to be editing the projects that I can do alone. And I really should do a video blog.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Profile random question answer.

There was not enough room for my full answer in the profile.


If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

Well if the person was still alive and not dead at dinner I would probably go naked if they were unarmed. It's actually more difficult to fight off a naked opponent in a real fight and the shock of seeing a huge naked guy would go in my favor. Unless the other person was bigger than me or armed in which case i would want leather clothing or body armor.

- If the person was already dead of course I would wear a loose dark colored shirt (no stains) and some shorts. If it was a formal affair I would of course ask ahead to see what all the other cannibals were wearing. I never like to stand out at dinner so I would be sure to wear something modest, yet fashionable. It takes a while to cook human flesh so comfortable clothing is a must no matter what.


The skit I wrote during my skit comedy show that shows how I direct a new cast member during his introduction.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The lynx There is only ONE winner.

Atari Lynx.

I got one in box from a garage sale. Pretty cool system. Too bad the games that I have are not the best.

I found the following youtube video for it.

They are playing it side up like you have to on some games like gauntlet.

I need Dracula for that system

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some new skits up.

My crappy youtube page has been updated with some of the skits from my college show.

As a treat here is the worst skit we ever shot. For some reason people wanted to see it again so here it is.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Random stuff.

Wow. BLACK Friday...Wow. Pies and car accidents I mean I could not believe it when I saw the footage of Wally-World today at 4 AM. HUNDREDs of People there...just wow.I knew that Kmart sold out early yesterday but I thought it was because it was one of the few places open...but this?


I was even considering heading up and buying a Game boy advance micro for $40 but of course they were GONE as soon as the store opened. I mean people were waiting there at MIDNIGHT...

I guess the need for consumer electronics is really really high. Expecially in this area where we never seem to have any good sales. So when Walmart had that sale...well raw meat in front of animals and all that.

I hope Best Buy has some damn RAM left when I get outta work...I mean come on man. Or at least a copy of M.G.S 3 Snake Eater for 9.99 (I missed out on the kmart sale for 7.99...sold out at 5AM)

ON another note lots of crap goings on.I made an apple pie from random apples. I think that I had 7 apples in it and there were 6 different kinds of apples. The only 2 matching apples in it were granny smith apples. I went light on the spice and sugar and it was AWESOME. I really think that most pie recipies make the pies too damn sweet. I want to taste the damn apples. I also used lemon juice in the pie.

On a more serious note.

I had to drive through 2 VERY bad accidents on the way to work yesterday. Which by the way I worked BOTH jobs starting at 3 AM and getting home at 8:00 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holiday Pay baby.

The accidents sucked because people were driving really fast in both cases and both were bad bad scenes.

Some of the pictures I quickly shot with my digital camcorder were used on the newswatch50 website...

The guy who died in the Other accident on route 126 had a name that I recognized.

People NEED to chill out during this time of year.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Pictures.

Just testing out the blogger picture upload.

When the gas runs out I will be ready

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Blog

OH NO! not another blog...


anyways. This one allows you to post pictures. So I suppose I will have to post some.