Monday, December 18, 2006

The Dreamcast Game That Time Forgot.

I was greedly looking through my dreamcast games when I notice one on the side of the "Big Cardboard Box 'O Dreamcast Games".

It was in a blank case (as is alot of my other dreamcast games since I bought them used and the dumbasses that work in the used stores lost all the original cases of the dreamcast games) I had not noticed it much before (Like Virtual On and Vigilance 8). I have actually wanted to make some labels for them but I have been too damn lazy.

It was E.G.G. or Evolution Gimmick Gear.

A dreamcast game that I gave not played yet!!?!??!?!?!?


Regardless it seems like a mix of Zelda style fighting mixed in with various RPG elements.

The strange graphics of this game are trippy. Overall it seems to be a much better attempt than the "Silver" game. And the cutscenes are really nice. Kinda like the anime that mixes CG and traditional animation ( was it Blue Sub?).

Anyways it's nice to know that I can find something new with my dreamcast stuff.

In other news I was comparing my dreamcast (The one that is not in storage) with my Saturn.

Overall I gotta say that the Saturn just can't compare. In looks, gameplay, and loudness.

And the Saturn is so dumb it still thinks it 1994 for cripes sake...get a clue console...

And the controller? Hell I mean the controller for the Saturn just looks like a blank. Nothing. And people that complain about the dreamcast controller being hard to handle should try to use the Saturn pad. On a side note I do not have any of the "normal" Saturn game pads without the analoge toggler thingie...and without NiGHTS I can't really use the special controller for much. I could have used it for Panzer Dragoon 2...but the game is still busted and...

Anyways it still pisses me off that the dreamcast controller VMU design was not used in the new wave of controllers. I mean it was just so damn cool to look at the controller in RE CV and see how much health was left or see how much ammo was left in DINO CRISIS. It was really a gameplay element that I still think is awesome. Nowadays people just keep their eyes glued to the damn TV screen...I dunno. I think it is one of the coolest aspects of the dreamcast controller. I am pissed most games did not make more use of it. I like extra little stuff like that.

So the Saturn pad looks like the Dreamcast controller's ugly cousin.

And despite the fact that I have limber toes I cannot play either of these controllers with my feet with any accuracy. So that's one thing the classic NES, SNES, and GENESIS controllers have over the newer ones.

(and yes those are my real feet...I have werewolf stock in me.)

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fatherkrishna said...

Jesus Caleb!
This is meant to be the festive season and you're being all hurtful about the Saturn!
Plus you're putting your feet online!!!
No one likes feet, even life partners! (Although if you ever tell my other half I said that I'll swear it's a lie...)
It's great to find a hidden gem in your collection that remains 'undiscovered'... I've got loads! Unplayed, unloved and yet to display their greatness...
But that's a great thing! and a good excuse not to spend money on a Wii...
BTW! You've got a mention on the DCJY (AGAIN!!!) Pop over and leave a comment if you would, Cheers!