Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's time for another random post! Lets start off the rambling!

I have too many stupid things going online without actually getting anything accomplished.
I need to shoot some more video projects now that the graphics card in my comp seems stable.
And dump down old VHS videos and dreamcast game footage.
I gotta trade in that $20 game I got for $4.99 @ Sears because of a misplaced sticker. Score.
On a side note I also got copy of Metroid Prime 2 for 5.99. Nice. I drew the line at seeing what the game "Harvest Moon" was priced at. Come on you HAVE to have limits.

Hmm. What else?

Oh I found out that Doom is on the Game boy Advance. I think it would be funny as hell to get a copy for my micro. Playing doom on something that small would be amusing...perhaps when I trade in that game from Sears. Prepare to Suffer UAC zombies!!!!

Got a "mystery" coupon from Best buy. Not to ad it could be worth anything from $5 to $5,000. So at least $5. Somewhat nice. two for $30 best sellers (ie old) games this week. Unfortunately I have yet to consider if I really want any PS2 games. I already have most of the ones I want. So why get more? Perhaps a sega genesis classics pack? I dunno what else...

Gotta get some lith. batteries for my Dreamcast VMU. I think I actually saw them in a store that sells stuff for cameras and junk.

Gotta pressure myself to keep up with the swimming. Once I am in the pool it is fun. It would be freakign lame to go back to the HS pool to try to swim and see all the glory on the wall of records. 7 records that no one will ever beat in that school. And if anyone recognized me or my name that would suck.

And now for the sappy look at my current existance.

I overcame alot of stuff in my brief 25 years on this earth. Swimming in high school and college. (Senior year in college does not count) working my ass off during all my higher education at two fucking jobs. Doing college TV. meeting a ton of really cool people. Through it all I always seemed to do really well in classwork with no real effort on my part. Yet my smarts never seem to help me out in the real world.

It really seems like I am at an strange point in my life. I did really well in grad school only to fall back on my undergrad to get a job.

I dressed and looked like a total knob in grad school and did not get to know the people I needed to know to get a good job or really focus on the skills needed to get a job. (I learned alot. Just not how to land a position)

So, a move back to the fucking rural shithole I crawled out of. A not so brief stint at a local gas station chain that I still work part time in. The stupid shits I deal with at that job really had destroyed ANY limited amount of faith I have left in humanity. But I soon got a better job! And off a 3 year old resume to boot!

I am working in TV which is what I really like to do.

I like my current job but I am in a shitty area where everyone my age is either a soldier about to got to war or fucking welfare trash with ten kids. I can't really hang out with the former and I don't want to hang out with the latter. So no friends at all. Nobody I knew is still around. People that I do know never and I might consider hanging around never called me back after a party so fuck them. I honestly do not want to hang out with them either.

No girls my age around this place either. NOBODY moves back to this godforsaken rural pit after they leave for education or just to get out of here. Any females left here already have kids by 19 and are divorced or are truly disgusting creatures inside and out. So very little chance at having any kind of relationship.

I am working out a bit which is good.

So I like the job and everything but it seems like my social life is just shitty due to my current location.

I guess I gotta just look around to see if there is anyone around that I could possibly hang out with and have some social interaction.

And I still have my dream of making a basic cable local skit comedy show. That would SO rock. It would be on really late at night and people switching the channels would stop to look at it and shit. It would ROCK.

So that's one thing going for me. Right now there is NOTHING on the local cable. No shows at all. So I guess getting it would be somewhat easy? ...and cheap.

And I am also doing some crap online and stuff. Which is cool.

However I have been let down by the Internet. I have limited access and I really don't fucking care. There a couple of cool sites, blogs, web comics and a ton of resources. But nothing that is helping me out. You need actual PEOPLE in your fucking life that understand halfway what you are going through and give you a small bit of encouragement to get off your ass and get some shit done. Not actual encouragement. Just by being there and fuckign reminding you that there are other people out there. I really miss all the awesome people I met at Geneseo and Buffalo.
I am freaking bored and somewhat pissed about my current surroundings and situation.
However I suppose that by writing this I have gotten myself pumped up a bit about getting out there and getting a better life for myself! So my life is not over yet and I have learned alot. I can always get out there and look for a better job and a better future! Yah! Whatever. At least the internet gives me a place to vent a bit so I can concentrate on what's important.


fatherkrishna said...

Woah Caleb!
Things sound a little bleak right now for you. I hope life improves soon! It sounds like you might need to relocate and get out into the wide open plains of your fair country! What about the Big Apple? Or heading for sunnier climates way out West?
God I've just realised I'm suggesting a choice between 'Baywatch' and 'Friends'!
I hve to sy I chuckled when I read the line "I dressed like a knob..."
I didn't think that was an American expression!
Don't forget there is always room for a chat at the 'Yard, and I'll keep checking back to see how things are going for you!
Take care mate!

Caleb said...

Thanks fatherkrishna I really enjoy my current job, but not the area I am in, thats the problem.

Well when the company I work for is bought out maybe I can get a transfer somewhere else.

So I need to tough it out for at least until after christmas. Then I will have to knuckle down and look for something new or try to get transfered.