Thursday, December 07, 2006

VMU Batttery and Gauntlet Anst

SO it turns out I was right about the VMU Battery. It just takes 2 normal batteries that you can find in any photography shop. I got 2 for $1.50. Now my VMU is ALIVE!

Now I can play the mini games. For anyone that is interested there is an OFFICIAL VMU manual download at the sega America site


as well as manuals for the dreamcast itself and some of the games. ( a must for people like me who buy used games with no cases or manuals)

And on to the deep sorrow of gauntlet legends...

I first played this game at a friends house (gamecube version?) and found it to be fun as hell when you are drunk and want to play a simple game with only three buttons. Very cool. and it's four players!

Gameplay it like the original gauntlet. A ton of respawning enemies! Different characters to choose. A great game in my opinion.

Imagine my joy when I found out it could be bought for the dreamcast!

I bought it orginally like 2 years ago and found that it crashed as soon as you tried to actually play the game. ARGHH!!!

I tried cleaning it and repairing it in my rotary cleaner and NOTHING.

So last night I was looking through my stuff and I found the disk. Well I was bored and as a last resort I tried a pair of deer leather gloves I had for wood working. I was really sleep deprived and this seemed like a good idea. Anyways it WORKED!

The game booted up and played normally! I tried it again and it worked again! And then next time it did not....and then it did! and then it crashed the next time...

I was considering to just leave it in a dreamcast when it WAS working and to never open that dreamcast again and use that particular one just for the gauntlet game. An interesting approach but it fell through when the game STILL stopped working when I moved the console around a bit.

Ergo the anst. I have a fun as hell game that will not boot up on a regular basis.

As a last ditch effort I am going to take it to be repaired today at the game store.


Hopefully that will work.

Until then I can at least be happy that my VMU doesn't beep any more.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Gauntlet, I'm wondering wether it was a US only release. Will be checking it out soon! Aaarrgh! the frustration of games that won't load! I payed the unusually high price of £9.99 for Aerowing and I've never played it... 'cos the bugger won't load!

Ahh!! VMUs! another reason why the DC is the best and most innovative system ever. If you search the 'Yard you should find a post on the VMU tool which is a programe crammed full of VMU games which you can burn to a disc and pop straight in your Dreamcast!
Also the best VMU game I've played is Chao Adventure from Sonic Adventure. It's pretty addictive...
In fact you've inspired me to write a post about the VMU on Gnome's new site 'Gnome's Gaming On The Go'. He's kindly let me contribute on it, so I now am a team member on the 'Yard and GGOTG!
you can find the site at
Good post!!

Caleb said...

Yeah the site for all the VMU Goodness was down last time I checked the links. I will have to try again.

I guess the gauntlet game is universally hated by some and sold for VERY high prices because of it's "rare" status. I like it though because every once in a while I like a simple game to unwind and not take up too much brain cells. However it also seems to suffer from damage easily since the only two copies I have seen BOTH didn't work even though they both looked OK.

The copy I have now was one of a bunch that I bought out when the two major game chain stores here in NYS combined and decided to stop buying and selling dreamcast stuff....jerks. So it was the only game out of many that didn't work. No big deal for $2.50 American.