Thursday, May 31, 2007

More! New! Dreamcast! Homebrew! Games!

Wow…I have run out of Panasonic CD-Rs. No, really. I have burned so much homebrew and PC-ports for the Dreamcast that I have gone through them all!!!

I just posted about the point and click game “Flight of the Amazon Queen” being hosted by DC Evolution…

And now I see that there are MORE Dreamcast .cdi’s out!!!!! Check them out!

Sonic Robo Blast 2!

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D fan game built on a heavily modified Doom engine. It still has bugs but is playable. You have to have a keyboard to go into the console mode to change settings and play a bonus game.

Feet of Fury - Preview

Just a preview, but it’s still fun. You can also get swap disks for the real game and see if your ghetto modded or self made dance pad will work with the real game by downloading a test .cdi.

Defense Commander

This seems more of a demo than a mini game. It might be worth a CD-R to download it though. Developed by Titanium Studios to show off some of the pretty particle effects the Dreamcast could do. So yeah. It’s up to you if this is worth it or not.

So damned busy!!!!! Here are some videos.

Well I still have not been able to edit that Dreamcast Junkyard video yet...

Ah well here are some videos!

Someone must have taken some inspiration from Gagaman(n)'s "Old Hat" Video...

And someone says you can emulate a Dreamcast on the Wii...if you already have a Dreamcast...Obvious fake...

I dunno. With all the cool stuff you can do why the hell would you do fake videos like this? People are f'ing stupid. Then I do a REAL Soul Calibur fishing video and some people on the Dreamcast message boards think it's fake...

...Stop rewarding stupid fake videos people!

I swear they should have levels of the internet that can only be accessed by people that aren't jerkwads...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Classic Adventure Game Out For The Dreamcast!

A full CD audio version of the classic point and click "Flight of the Amazon Queen" is out for the Dreamcast!!!!!!

Go and burn the handy .CDI with the free program Bootdreams or the free demo version of diskjuggler!

Another victory for ScummVM!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Lack of updates..

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I have taped my Dreamcast collection video for the Dreamcast Junkyard and now I have to edit it...

Plus I have a 7 day week when I start my new job...I have no clue how it is going to work out.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Dreamcast Rap - Mega64 new link

I could not find this video for a long time. However someone decided to repost it!

I personally have "like/hate" feelings for Mega64 but this one video was freaking awesome...

Submit today to the Dreamcast! Submit to the Undead Console!

...or else Dreamcast is gonna' mess your ass up...Thug life.

Dreamcast Summer Games to begin in July. Get your suggestions in now.

Well when I first started the idea of the Dreamcast Summer Games I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible.

People would suggest events, compete in the ones they had the games for and post their results which would be posted on different blogs and such.

Someone even said they would make a website but I never heard back from them so yeah. People on the Internet always say they want to make grand complicated things but then after awhile they disappear. So that’s why I wanted to keep this dead simple.

Anyone with one of the Dreamcast games associated with the challenges could simply comment their results to a blog or email their results and their info would be posted along with everyone else’s.

If people wanted to take their individual results and arrange them by Country or Teams than that’s fine.

However, A lot of people have been trying to make this more complicated than it should be.

For example a number of the challenge ideas suggested involved FULLY completing RPGs like Skies or Arcadia or Shenmue.

I had in mind more simple challenges that only took like 15-30 minutes of gameplay. Or in some cases longer.

For example - making a new player in PSO and trying to get the best item (rated by amount of mensa sold for) within 30 minutes of play. This is a challenge anyone can do and a lot of people have the game disk. Of course someone who has played PSO will have an advantage, but a new player could also do well…

However, fully playing a game through is not a challenge I wanted to make. It would take too much time and with all the game guides out there ANYONE could FULLY beat any of these games.

My vision of “The Dreamcast Summer Games” is a short series of varied challenges that ANYONE with a Dreamcast and a few games can compete in and have fun. I want to include a wide variety of games including homebrew.

I also want to point out that people can still offer up challenges by posting comments to the Hunyak blog, the Dreamcast Junkyard blog or emailing me personally at

If you want to suggest a game PLEASE suggest a simple SHORT challenge to go with it! Do not just send me a list of games that you want included.

I have NOTHING to do with piracy. Do not ask me for pirated copies of games.

The OFFCIAL start of the Dreamcast Summer games is the first week in July. Exceptions will be made.

Challenges will be posted at the end of June.

This is only the first try. So I want to keep it simple.



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mini consoles go down in price! -Pulled from and Racket Boy and Kotaku.

Of course Racket Boy got this in before I did. Why the hell do I even bother trying to video game news on this blog? Like a million other blogs are better at it than me...anyways.

Mini Genesis 2 console with built in games has gone down in price.

If you want to check it out it's only $9.99 American.

Check out Target's website or

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gamestop deal has ended for people that want cash.

Gamers of the US!

So you might remember that I got 30% more CASH for my games I traded in at Gamestop?

Remember when I said that the corporation would stop that soon?

Well they have already put an official end to it. Read here:

"Tiered Trade Offer 3,4,5 games for 10%,20%,30% bonus!

Trade in 3 games, get 10% extra credit, Trade in 4 games, get 20% extra credit, Trade in 5 or more games, get 30% extra trade-in credit!

Expires: 05/27/07. Offer not good on cash trades. Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value. Offer good towards games only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Trade-ins subject to manager approval. See store associate for details. No dealers."

What a f'ing rip...

I totally called that. I knew that you were not going to get the cash deal for long before the corporate jerks got their due.

You still might have a chance of getting more cash money from your local store but with that paragraph I am sure they are cracking lame.

I hate it when I call shit like that. Being right sucks when you are being pessimistic.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another wistful Dreamcast video tribute

Another fan of the Dreamcast has made a nifty little tribute video.

A little better editing with the music would have been nice. Even with Movie Maker you can edit the sound cuts. Still a nice video that features the "Hello Kitty" Dreamcast and the Dreamcast fishing rod/Soul Calibur controller.

Never fear! For the Dreamcast is not dead! It is UNDEAD...

And one more soul has submitted to the undead console.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No new Videos! -random ramble.

Yes I am planning a new video showcasing my Dreamcast collection soon...

However, stuff has been hectic at work and getting a new part time job to go along with my low paying full time job.

It's too bad I had to shave my goatee just for a part time job but it's like $20 and hour...

So yeah. I will sacrifice my facial hair for more money to buy video games.

Speaking of video games I was playing the original "Beats of Rage" for the first time the other night and it was pretty fun. The zombie level in Battletoads Beats of Rage is still my favorite though. It's fun to play the original games after trying out the homebrew.

I got a MINT copy of Final fight for the Sega CD and it acutally seems "Arcade Perfect" at least to my fuzzy memories of playing the actual arcade game in the laundry mat in college.

Ug? I dunno. I am tired as hell and I drank a protein drink, ate a nutritious "Body for Life" bar and I still want to eat REAL FOOD...I bought a bunch of healthy stuff for EXTREMELY cheap prices but it all tastes like crap. When I swam in college I used this stuff and it didn't seem this horrid. I guess thats why it was on sale.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A ton of new Stuff to go over.

Ok first off I got a new review over at the Saturn Junkyard. If you have a Saturn go over there and get your Sh'ump on!

I have a TON of new games to review and go over. On the negative side of things I had a REALLY busy 7 day week so I cannot get all the cool stuff I want to get done in.

So the Dreamcast Summer games and the media stuff I am working on has been delayed.

However, I do plan on shooting my Dreamcast Collection video soon.

A quick note. I played Alien Front Online for the Dreamcast a bit yesterday and I am SO angry that I did not get this game new at KB toys. I know there are alot of copies floating around though so it's still all good. It LOOKS awesome. Run around in a tank blowing the crap outta stuff and running over stuff. HERE is the manual for all you guys who bought it sans case and manual like me.

Oh and this?

Quattro Adventure. A rare 8-bit treasure I scooped up for $1.99. It Works too. It's got a switch built right into the cart.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Why idiots shouldn't make videos about the dreamcast.

This guy is an f'ing moron and he is part of the reason why the Dreamcast failed.

$10!!!!!! At a fucking fleamarket? Where the fuck do you live? Somewhere where people are STUPID enough to believe that the PS3 is great since it is priced so fucking high????

Thats not even the point, you can get ANYTHING at a fleamarket for $10. Thats the whole point of going to the damn flea market. I got a top loading 1st party NES for $10 for cripes sakes!

If you go on ebay Dreamcasts sell for like $20. I saw one at a used video game store opened for $70. I have never seen one for $10.

A goddamn DVD player is like $25 NEW today. Back in 2000 it was like $200 for the same model. How much was a fucking VHS in 2000? Like $75?

Try to fucking buy a decent Dreamcast GAME for $10 asswipe. Try to buy a copy of Marvel vs Capcom! Try buying Powerstone 2 or Project Justice!!!!!! Then fucking tell me that the value has gone down...

Dreamcast prices online are going up. Dreamcast prices in used stores are going up.

As people get LET DOWN by the games on new gen systems prices for pretty much ANYTHING retro will go up.

Just because you saw a Dreamcast (working? clean? With controllers?) for $10 at a fleamarket (which I am not sure he did) does not mean that the Dreamcast is not an awesome system. Take five fucking seconds to check ebay before you decide that a Dreamcast is worth $10.

Morons like this should not be allowed to use cameras and Youtube.


At least when I make a video I am being an idiot ON PURPOSE.

-People please do not associate me with people like this just because I live in America. America is a big place and it seems to have alot of stupid redneck crackers in in. I myself am a stupid hick but I do not pretend to be anything else and talk about stuff I know nothing about.

-And I hate the fact that technology has gotten spread in such a manner that some piece of white trash like this can make a shitty Youtube video on a topic he knows nothing about. Where the hell are the flying cars people! It's 2007!

Dreamcast Manuals. Get 'em while you can.

While Sega has annouced that they will no longer be supporting the Dreamcast it is still possible to get the Dreamcast manual, VMU Manual and the manual for a number of dreamcast games from the sega website.


If you happen to need the manuals for Phantasy Star or Samba de Amigo, Jet Grind Radio or some other game go there and download while you still can. They are on the two lists at the bottom. Some of them are more complete than others but if you are in need you can at least get SOMETHING.

I just downloaded a Bomberman Online manual that I needed for my rental copy I picked up a few months ago.

Random post - Ultima Series PC.

Sorry for the random post but I was feeling somewhat nostalgic after reading Gnome's article on free RPG games which included using Exult to play Ultima 7 on a modern PC. I used to love playing RPGs on the computer and Ultima 6 was top of the pack. It was actually one of the first video games I ever owned.

The Ultima series on the PC was one of my favs.

However Ultima 6 had a couple of quest that I could never finish. They were a murder mystery and helping a deaf guy regain his hearing. It turns out BOTH quests CANNOT be solved in the game at all. It was just an error in the final program that the conversations for these quests were still included in the final game...


Some dude who is actually more obsessed than me actually put up his own ideas on what happened with the murder mystery. I personally think the fisherman did it.

As for Ultima 7 I had an awesome time beating the first installment of the game and using Exult I hope to finally finish it.

And Balin from the Ultima series was truly a nutcake. I always thought he was just an asshole but from the Wikipedia article it turns out he was truly insane. If you kill everyone in the world using a spell (which you can do in some Ultima games) he will inform you that he is the ultimate Nihilist and actually congratulates you for killing everyone in the I do not feel so bad about hunting that guy down in the game now.

Dreamcast still beating out other consoles in the hearts and minds of gamers.

I just though this was funny.

Kotaku ran this story featuring a magazine dealing with video game art.

The picture that accompanied the article was from Jet Set (grind) Radio.

A someone commented that the Jet Grind version on the Dreamcast was better "in every SINGLE way" than Jet Set.

Oh only the foolish that think they can deny the undead console it's due...

Oh and THIS rather sad article written in 2000 says that the Dreamcast will win the console wars...oh Sega...why did you think the Dreamcast would ever lose...

...but in the end it has won.

...submit to the undead console.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My SMS collection so far.

I plan on doing a quick little project to show off my Dreamcast collection ( of course inspired by Gagaman(n) ) but first here are a couple of pics of my Sega Master System collection I have had for awhile.
Normally I use my Dreamcast to play SMS games...
...but I do actually have the hardware for when I want to get truly retro!
A you can kind of see from this crappy picture I have the original power base, two lightguns, a set of the 3D glasses without the card that makes them work and 18 games. And two controllers that barely work. The power supply is a generic one with adjustable tips.
Phantasy Star is BY FAR my favorite. It's a lovely little RPG that is not too easy. The biggest complain I have about most RPGs is that the game is simply to easy starting out. In this game if you happen to take a wrong step within the first 10 steps outside of the game you will be DESTROYED by powerful monsters. In this game you are TRULY grateful for new equipment, armor and allies that give you a fighting chance!
Classic. Come on people. Classic. Shame on you if you have never kicked a gnome thief for magic potions or tripped up a giant wielding a hammer while riding a dinosaur. You are missing out...
Genesis is far better for this game. Still OK though...

The real tragedy is that the two controllers I got with this system never worked right. One of them barely works at all. Normally I can get controllers to work easily but nothing I did would work to fix these. The only other thing I could have tried was to re-solder them but my soldering iron is not with me and I cannot find it.

Therefore I use the regular Genesis controller you see above you. These work just fine in the SMS with no ill effects to the console. The third button doesn't work but that is a small price to pay.

Last but not least my cover-less cart of Space Harrier. A very nice game for a bit of meaningless blasting fun!

Overall I am happy with my collection and I really am not on the lookout for anything else (unless it's super cheap).

More media projects next week!

Some Dreamcast Games I will not review. Star Wars Ep 1. Jedi Powers

I was going to fully review Star Wars Epsidoe 1, Jedi Powers...
...but now I am not. So here is a half assed review.

It's not that it's a bad's just seems stale to me.

Gamespot actually did a good job by describing this as a standard action game, with no real action...

Gamespot Review.

If you are a fan of Star Wars you might enjoy this more. I liked the movies, but I am not really a fan fan if you catch my drift. Combat is fun, then gets repetitive. Use force powers. Jump around. Slash with your lightsaber. Controls are not the best.

That's about it. It sticks to the movie so there are no real surprises in the plot.

There are a TON of good video games for the Dreamcast. This one is NOT top shelf. I would rather review an action game like Nightmare Creatures 2 which is hated by many and loved by a select few than a game that is described by many as mediocre.

My final say:

Buy it for $2-$4 American depending on condition. ONLY if you are a collector. Or you love beat-em-up actions titles. Or if you really really liked Starwars episode 1.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Work work work...(warcraft quote)

Yeah so I just got a bunch o' Saturn games and Dreamcast games that I gotta go over.

In addition real work at the TV station has been busy as of late since we are switching over our news networking service to ENPS ( a system that created for the BBC *big ups to the UK*). So I have been busy with that as well.

I am working on a cool new project for Dreamcast fans as well as the Dreamcast Summer Games. Coming up with challenges for the Dreamcast system is tough. However I think this will be fun for anyone that wants to give it a shot.

I am a bit annoyed at the people that keep suggesting that I upload rips of the games for people to use who do not have them. If you are a Dreamcast fan it isn't impossible to get the common games. So too bad if this is cutting people off, but this is kinda a competition for people that have been into the Dreamcast for a if you don't have ANY of the games the challenges are based on then you are S.O.L. I plan to have enough challenges so that if you have a Dreamcast and a couple of games, chances are you can be included in one of them.

Anyways back to the new Saturn games...I got a bunch and they include "Sonic Blast" and "Mechwarrior 2" among others. Expect some more reviews over at the Saturn Junkyard soon.

A quick note for those of you in need of cash or trade in

Evil corporate giant Gamestop has become useful for once...

I needed some cash so I was getting rid of some extra games I had for the PS2 and Gamecube. Nothing good mind you. Just stuff that I picked up for like $2.00 at garage sales or games that I beat to death (like DarkWatch - holy crap what a ripoff. I beat that ENTIRE game TWICE in one weekend. Get Painkiller for the PC if you want a game like that.)

Anyways I was SHOCKED to see a rather hefty sum of money added up after I traded in my trash! MUCH more than I expected.

The cashier was confused as well and added up again. Then she called over the manager.

It turns out there is a special on right now (at least in the Gamestop stores in NY) where if you trade in 5 used games you get 30% more cash.

For games that I got for $2.00 getting $5.75-8.90 back for them was a GOOD deal!

So any ways nobody in the store seemed to know anything about the game deal going on...

It might behoove those of you with 5 crappy games you want to get rid of to head over to GameStop or EBgames.

Knowing them they might adjust the system so it gives you 30% more ONLY if you are getting trade-in value and not cash.

But still, trade in is good if you want anything in store I guess.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soul Calibur fishing was a hit.

A TON of people have linked the Dreamcast Soul Calibur Fishing video!

Including the amazing artist Gagamann from the Dreamcast Junkyard.

I am pleased with the amount of laughter and chaos the video has created.

I am kinda surprised that some people thought the video was totally serious...

...if that was the case I should be locked up somewhere.

Other's seemed to think I was trying to make some direct comparison between the technology of the Dreamcast and the Wii...which the video was not really about either.

Anyways I can't wait to top that with my NEXT video.

And on top of that The DREAMCAST SUMMER GAMES 2007 is quickly approaching. Please email or comment your ideas to me! Game challenges that take a short time only please. I do not want to make a challenge where you have to do a speed run of Shenmue or collect every item in Skies of Arcadia.


A good day for finding retro consoles.

Lets take a break from preparations for the Dreamcast Summer Games shall we?

Well to start this story let me tell you that my old SNES had finally had it. I literally torn the thing apart to see if I could fix it to no avail. ...

-A quick point. Melting a disposable clear hard plastic bic pen DOES work to open the screws in a SNES. AS LONG AS YOU ARE CAREFUL!

-Just take apart the pen and heat the end of the pen shaft and jam it into the hole. Let it sit for a bit then pull it out. The end will have melted around the screw and made a cheap screwdriver that will take out the outside casing screws. It will only last for about 2 of the screws though. Then you will have to do it again. Be careful with dropping melted plastic! You ony need to HEAT the pen, NOT set it a-flame. Better than trying to find one of those crazy screwdrivers though. This CAN hurt the outside of your SNES, discolor it and destroy it's value. I recommend you ONLY do this if the SNES is completely shot and you do not care about burn marks or breaking it more than it already is broke.

Any-who... even though I took the entire damn thing apart I could find no error. This made me sad.

However I was hopeful when I went inside a consignment shop and saw they had one for sale, AND a 16 bit Megadrive WITH Sega CD!!!! Joy to the whole friggen' world!!!

Then I saw it...


The one thing that is on almost EVERY Retro gamers top ten list...

The OFFICIAL top loading NES version 2 (or 101).

This beauty is the wish of every person who owns one of the original NES systems that cannot read carts correctly anymore. Using cutting edge SMS technology this slimmed down beauty plays any NES game with ease.

Honestly the rarity of this item made equal with the awesomeness of the Sega CD. The Sega CD is Retro, but this item is Retro AND rare. A treat.

So there you have it. With Trade-ins of a PSone and a N64 I paid $10 for each of these consoles.

A SNES a NES 2 and a Megadrive with Sega CD. All with controllers and two controllers each. (found out later that one SNES controller is broke) All for $30.00...

I tell you it pays to make contacts with people. And to know which shopkeepers doesn't know what video game consoles are really worth. I must have visited that store about 25 times in about 7 months without finding much. To get such a deal is greatness.

The NES is still not as cool as the Dreamcast this point it may be on my top ten list of cool stuff I own but it is not on the top of that list yet.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Samba de Wii!!!!!!!

I have no idea if this is real.

Again, Gagamann called it.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

LED lights on the INSIDE of the Dreamcast. Why? Still cool though.

Another cool looking Japanese game.

One day I might learn a Japanese language so I can play these games.

This one looks like a horror RPG type game. And a chick snorts a slug up her nose... Holy crap, why wasn't this released in the US? deSPIRIA.

Salvation Army Score!

I went to my local salvation Army and found some cool stuff.

-Doom 2 in Box (Or so I thought)
-A N64 controller looking MINT
-PSone cable.
-Harry potter 3 gamecube game (I only got this because it was cheap and it had GBA functions)

And I was looking around and I saw this crappy looking Game Boy case covered in Yugi-O stickers. I picked it up thinking that perhaps it had a crappy original Game boy or beat up Game boy color in it. Instead I found a Game Boy Advance in good condition with a little NKYO light attachment. It was missing the back battery plate (so EBa nd Gamestop would not take it back) So I grabbed that for $4.

Now the only bad thing about all this was when I double checked the Doom 2 Box. It had a Tandy game in it, a small book of fine art and a classic music double CD featuring about 140 classic songs from Mozart and such. I already have a copy of Doom 2 (ultimate doom collection) so it wasn't that bad. I still got the box and original instruction booklet. Now before you ask, yes, I usually check and double check stuff before I buy it. However this time I thought that the box was heavy and had extra games and stuff in it. I was under the watchful eye of the register person and I didn't want to be accused of stuffing the box full of extra CDs and stuff. If I would have opened the box I am sure that the register person would have taken the extra stuff out and made me pay separate for it. So I rolled the dice and didn't open the box. My mistake. Stupid mistake.

Why the hell would someone give away a Doom 2 box with all this random stuff in it? I dunno. No big loss. I only really wanted the box and manual anyways. And now I have a nifty little table book filled with fine art and two CDs full of classical music to listen to while I play Doom 2.

You shouldn't rule out Salvation Army Stores and other such places when you are looking for video game stuff. Now that all the morons are getting rid of their old consoles in favor of new ones it's a good time to look around.

Muahahahha! New webcomic featuring the Dreamcast logo

The newest webcomic from the angst ridden, no self esteem having people at MegaTokyo features the Dreamcast Swirl!

It's on the back window of the Van in panel 5.

One of the characters, the guy with the glasses in the background of the last frame, is an Black Ops agent for Sega. So it must be his van.

Even if Sega stops making consoles you can STILL see the impact the console has today...

ALL Hail the Undead Console!