Monday, January 29, 2007

Dreamcast in webcomics.

Just one of the webcomics that has featured the dreamcast.

It's amazing just how many dreamcast references there are out there.

Again i will post my new dreamcast and saturn games as soon as I have 5 minutes of free time. 7 day weeks suck much ass.

Friday, January 26, 2007

So looks like Blogger is new.

I finally had to update my blogger which sucks...

Anyways I have just finished watching some videos featuring Segata Sanshiro and I feel bad that I have not yet posted about how I aquired some new Saturn games. I have no pictures yet so I will have to post them on Monday.

A hint though...when I bought 2 Saturn games from a Salvation Army store I found out that there were MORE than just two games in the cases. More like 4!!!! So some person must have been trying to save space and jammed a bunch of games in the same case...SCORE. Well not really since I don't know if the games are any good yet.

I also happened to get quite a selection of DREAMCAST games from the local crooked pawn shop in town. So you can tell I have been busy and not been posting to this blog very much. Nothing great and rare (unless you count Oogha Booga [sp*?])

Also the best score (if not ever at least the best one in awhile)

SEGA GENESIS 3! The teeny tiny one.

I dunno why they decided to make the Genesis so small since it was pretty streamlined to start with but it look so damn awesome! Plus I think that the graphics look a bit sharper off this unit (Maybe because my orginal Genesis was stored under conditions that killed my SNES)

Anyways what did I pay? 3$!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right a friggin' 16 bit system with controller and power cable for just 3$! And that is damn sweet.

Altered beast is kickin' much ass. I still can't wait for a copy of Shining Force!

Friday, January 19, 2007

No real posting or anything...webcomics kick continues.

I know there is work and media porjects to be done but The PBF webcomic is just too choice.

I am so happy that there is humor like this out there. I feel inspired for my local access cable show.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Webcomics with robots are funny.

It's true.

Plus I went over to Matt's place and kicked his ass in Soul calibur. This time he was sober.

I am so awesome.

And Eye toy fitness is no friggen' joke. I am sore as hell today after beating the crap outta virutal targets yesterday. Best $5 I have spent in awhile!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nothing much to do with video games.

Well it has been a pretty fun time. Except for the fact that I have been a bit sick the past couple of days and I cannot seem to drag myself to the gym or apply for jobs... No sleep = sick for me. I dunno. I am healthy as a horse most of the time. But when I don't get sleep I get sick. Always. I spent my first year in college sick as a dog before I realized that. So that sucks.

And the whole ad campaign thats going on about not spreading germs and shit that keeps airing on the radio and TV is freaking me out. Is there some SUPER bug on the loose?

Holiday time was busy as hell.

Highlight was New Years when I faced off in a dreamast duel against Matt. I never knew he played but I guess he does. He does the whole "plays with fingers instead of thumbs" thing on the DC pad. He used to play Soul Calibur against other people for money. So I beat him by two games in Soul Calibur he but he crushed me in SNK Vs Capcom. To his credit he was VERY drunk at the time. Fun times. In shameful news I got beat out by a girl (my cousin no less) in SNK vs. Capcom but I beat her so yeah. Still lamez. I don't have much experience facing other people in those games though so I think I did good. Overall it sucked that I had to leave early since I had to work the next morning...

However I would have stayed the whole night if I would ahve known that I had NO work on the first. Shit dude. Nothing. I basically just sat there and read webcomics.

Anwyays I blew through a TON of webcomics in the past week. Including leastIcoulddo penny-arcade and RPGworldcomic. And by that I mean I start at the first one and read my way through. Hundreds of pages.

I have a bad habit of ripping into books, art, movies or whatever reading them and throwing them away.

I mean authors and artists put a ton of work into these creations and I rip my way through them hungry for the next panel, the next page. Whatever.

And then I never pause to refect on the deeper meanings of the story. Sure I can read any book in a few hours and remember enough of it to write a college level paper without any trouble. (Thats why I kept the History portion of my college education ...easy A's and B's.) But do I really get anything out of it?

Have I actually got anything out of all the material I have gone throughout the years?

So for the past week a ton of material and I gotta say the one comic that actually stopped me in my tracks for a second was megatokyo. Wow. What a friggen' awesome little free comic that is. Like most comics it started off very rough but it really expanded beyond most. It's actually not that great at times but really captured my interest due to the mood I was in. Very ironic and stupid and annoying at times. But overall prett cool. It took me two days to read what was there so far. A record length for me. So unlike most of the others that I will probably check in with it once in awhile. I don't usually follow much manga or anything.

But thats the exception rather than the rule. I blow through media of all sorts really quickly trying to get to the next page or episode or whatever. Maybe I should just concentrate on trying to come up with stuff on my own?

Hanging out with other people that I knew was fun too. So maybe it is just a social life I am lacking?

Anywho. Need more money. Better job. Social life. Purpose for existance. Outlet for creative impulses. Answers to all life's questions. I need alot of stuff.

I am 25 and I feel like my life is already slipping away. I feel like such a waste. And I also hate feeling like this because feeling like this seems to waste even more of my time.


Someone was asking me life questions like this at the party and I started to realise that I had no fucking answers at all. Yet I am not a person that can just sink into total oblivion or blindly follow someone else's lead.

I can't put my life into some else's religion or way of thinking. I have read and learned about a ton of shit.

None of it rings as the truth to me.

I can't believe in the shit that other people tell themselves or lie to themselves about.
Is my life really a waste?

Beacause what else can I do? Lead a "Normal" life. Sire offspring that will have the same non-existance as myself?

And people that have seem to shun "normal life" are EVEN MORE NORMAL THAN NORMAL PEOPLE!

And I really am NOT a fucking person who doesn't believe in anything. I WANT to believe in something. I know there is a higher power. I fucking know there is something somewhat like a plan. I WANT to believe in other people and in myself.

But there is so much shit like emotion and chemicals in my brain that don't make any sense at all. Why do I build up so much fantasy when there is no reality to support it?

Is the fog in my brain self inflicted to keep myself from going batshit crazy?

I dunno. I do not have any answers to anything. I hope to God that someone else does or at least does not have to deal with the kind of shit that is going on with me. Because if everyone is like that it would suck ass.

My brains are srcamblezedddddd.