Friday, December 15, 2006

New stuff!

Well something made my dreamcast happy!

Was it my cellar full of classic video game stuff?

Was it an awesome sandwhich?

Was it my cat Bandit falling asleep in a comical fashion?

Cool Classic Cat

No! It was new Dreamcast stuff!

Namely Centipede and the atari collection! Bought from the local pawn shop (renamed a re-sale shop to avoid the fact that pawn shops are supposed to be illegal in my area).

These two game BOTH have a copy of the arcade version of centipede on them. (though the atari edition has the actual arcade sounds which are cooler) $5 bucks each. Not to horrible. (and I haggled 10% off the total - a dollar is a dollar-) Fun classics on the atari. and now I can finally challenge other people to a PONG battle. Awesome!

You will also notice a MINT copy of fighting vipers for the Saturn that someone put in with the SEGA CD used games. $3.99 American. Oh if only people sold more saturn and dreamcast stuff....

For people to say that dreamcast stuff sucks is stupid since you can hardly ever find ANY of the games for sale in used shops here. I mean crap man. You can find TONS of PS1 and PS2 games. Try finding dreamcast and then tell me what the better system is?

I was very happy with both purchases only to weep as I remembered that my copy of panzer dragoon 2 for satun does not work past the opening credits and menu selection. If you hold it up to the light you notice 3 areas where the light shines through...Chipped from the top...I don't think there can ever be a fix to this. The funny thing is that my copy of Rayman for Saturn looks like swiss cheese when you hold it to the light and I have yet to have a problem with that game. Too bad. So sad. There is another copy in Rochester I can buy if I am ever feeling rich I guess.

Does anyone know if there is a fix to games that are chipped from the top? Please let me know if you do.

Anyways I am going to play some PONG and totally PWN the computer!


Anonymous said...

Superb post!
Fighting Vipers!!! I fucking love that game!! I got my copy for about £2 - maybe less.... the case was battered (see above post)but it plays like a dream!
I posted my wish list (as you know) and FV2 for Dreamcast was on the list...
Caleb... My christmas wish is coming true... I've bought CDOX off ebay for £15!!!!!
It's on it's way from the good old US of A!
Who would a thunk it!!!?

Anonymous said...

Jayzus! That sandwich is huge!!!!
can you dislocate your jaw like a paython to fit it in? LOL! :)

Caleb said...


Beware of the "Sword of the Stink!"

And Headshots give you a much better score!