Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Freakiest Robot Dog EVER....

This comes straight out of Silent Hill...

...Cure for Cancer? No.

...Freaky Robot Zombie Dogs? Yes.

Run Cowards!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kings of Power 4 Billion...Wow....

Just downloaded it.

Amazing stuff.

I loved the Violence Kings.

If he made an offical T-Shirt he could make some serious scratch.

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Dreamcast back up on SHopgoodwill.

Looks like someone couldn't pay that $300.00 offered before.

The NIB Dreamcast is back up!

I am hesitant to post this on the Dreamcast Junkyard as that might lead to another Kotaku post and yet another swarm of people willing to pay EXTREMELY HIGH prices for video games.

I gonna bid.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I just noticed a kid was watching a video on youtube of Guitar Hero...

....watching a video of a video game where the player plays a fake guitar...


I think that in the future I will be glad that I was not one of these people who got swept up in all this fake instruments things.

...Samba de Amigo. Now THERE'S a game. You actual shake the maracas. Like Maracas...

Much more badass.

A quick story

It's by the guy who writes "A Softer World".

Shopping for a Dreamcast in 2008

Someone needed a Dreamcast and made the trip down to the local swapmeet.

They find a re-packed Dreamcast for $60. With the Wild Thornberries video game! (They knew that it wasn't a game for the Dreamcast. They were just making fun of it. But they really didn't know what a RFU adaptor is...oh these kids today.)

My favorite quotes.

"Why do you want a Dreamcast?"

"Because the PS3 sucks."

This mirrors alot of my experiences with buying Dreamcast stuff. (It's mostly Russian or French and not Spainish being spoken though) You have to go to these places though. You never know what you can find.

I should document my next trip to a local flea-market to find Dreamcast stuff.

People still want the Dreamcast though. That is clear.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Zero Punctuation takes on FPS

He makes good points. Plus he mentions Blood!

Got Shinobi SMS in the mail!

Shinobi for the SMS is kick ass.

I friggen hate the fact that most US gamers I talk to think that the SMS is some sort of joke.

For some reason everyone is under the impression that the NES is graphically better than there are no good games for the SMS...


Phantasy Star
Golden Axe
Fantasy Zone
Super Wonder Boy
Alex Kidd
Space Harrier
Alien Syndrome

That's just off the top of my head.

There is also another RPG that I forgot the name of that I bought recently. I will have to try it out soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Job...not doing much else. No cable.

Well not much happening for video game or media stuff this week.

My new job is interesting.

Alot of people are talking about bringing video games to the library. That will be interesting.

Besides that I won a Game Gear with a Master Gear converter on it on the Shopgoodwill website. It included 12 games. One of them is the original Shinobi which I always wanted to play.

I still have not done that video I wanted to to do about playing Playstation 1 games on a GameGear using the TV Tuner in my car.

The TV tuner is actually pretty bad ass. I can watch picture perfect broadcast TV on it. I will feel bad in 2009 when there are no more analog transmitters...I can't believe I got it for .50 cents at a thrift store. That's just so sweet. I wish I had that thing when I was in high school. I would have been cool as hell.

Speaking of TV I have no cable at my new apartment and with all the taxes (FU IRS), car upkeep and a bunch of other one time expenses I incurred while moving.

I find that I do not miss cable all that much. I can still watch broadcast TV for free. Lost is the only show I am following and I can still watch that.

I have to screw around with the bunny ears to make the thing work.

I just can't justify spending money on TV I suppose. I have been watching some TV shows on DVD lately. I got some full Buffy the Vampire seasons that I have been watching. It's amazing that got them so cheap since they seem to be a collectors item now. That show was pretty funny in some spots. I am almost loath to allow other people know that I happen to like it though, because the fans are a bit rabid.

I have been cooking alot lately and in fact I have not eaten out in about a month and a half. I did eat a sub at quiznos... But besides that I have been making all my own food. I seem to be eating healthier. When I make my own lunch I always pack like 2 pieces of fruit and I try to have a salad before my dinner.

The most healthy thing I have been doing is walking to work. It's about .75 miles to work from my apartment. It takes me about 15-20 mintues. (Lots of ice and snow so i have been going at a snails pace).

So that means I am getting a total of 1.5 miles of walking in 5 days a week. As soon as I get a YMCA membership I can add swimming, lifting weights and running to that. I might just get back into respectable shape again soon.

I am so glad I can walk. I was sick and tired of all the damned driving from my other jobs. That was like a minimum of 2 hours of driving and a maximum of four hours 6 friggen days a week!!! Damn that sucked.

I do have to drive to my prior occupancy this weekend to get the rest of my stuff. Hopefully I can make one trip of it and call it a day. I miss all my retro videogames and random crap...


Monday, March 10, 2008

Are board games "cool" again.

I really only got into chess a bit when I was younger.

I never got into checkers.

However, my boss at the library I work at just told me that he had a lot of interest from kids and young adults in board games like checkers and chess.


Did I miss something?

Younger kids today seem to be all about racism and board games. Are we just raising up another group of Depression age era youngsters from the 1930s?

In any case we might be considering buying a "Wii" for the library.

I dunno how that is going to work out. Besides people stealing crap I dunno how much interest people are going to have. Playing Wii games in nursing homes and libraries seems like kinda a fad to me...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Finding obituaries...

A huge part of my new job is finding old obituaries.

It's sometimes a bit of a pain.

For example one person told me the first name was Isabella.

For some reason the tri-county directory had her listed under her maiden name.

It was listed in the tri-county obituary directory as "Isabell".

It was listed in the actual obituary as "Isabelle", with her husband's last name.

It was not listed at all in the online newspaper archive.

This is all a normal part of genealogy research.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 already infested...

It seems like whenever I find something good on the Internet it is soon gone.

Such is the case with shopgoodwill .com.

You don't need to use credit card info to shop online there. They *used* to have good deals.

I never knew about it before and now that the countless hordes from Kotaku know about that site all the prices for video games have gone SKY HIGH.

I suppose it's good for Goodwill and all but it sucks that the prices there are rivaling Ebay's.

I am going to try to low bid on some of the cooler items but I am not filled with hope...

It's like ebay and craigslist. People willing to spend way too much money are ruining it for all of us.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Tooth for an eye?

Wow. Now that's interesting.

After all this scientific debunking of old myths we are now letting people see by putting teeth in their eye sockets.

Sounds like High Tech Sorcery to me!

Got your Xbox signed? Don't send it in for repairs.

So yeah. Red ringed and then this.

It's freaking nuts. I mean the dude told the repair service SPECIFICALLY that he didn't want his console screwed with. They told him, OK fine it won't. Then they erase all of the signatures he got on his X-Box.

And a lot of people say stuff like "You can't expect that kind of service". "The workers who work on these things don't have pay attention to stuff like that".

For the amount of cash you pay for these newer consoles, YES, yes you deserve that level of service.

You deserve to have the console you send it with signatures NOT to have the Permanent signatures wiped off.

The jerks who think that this kinda stuff happening is OK makes me sick.

Back in the day people who spent money were treated right.

We had companies who respected consumers and bent over backward trying to help them out.


Now we as consumers do a lot of the footwork companies used to do.

Now we as consumers not only accept sloppy products and customer service, WE EXPECT IT.


They say it's some badly paid hard working person who made this mistake and that some dude who bought an expensive toy can't expect any sort of customer service. You know tough shit. I have worked jobs where I never got a break during a ten hour shift. I have almost killed myself hauling out freshly cut cedar through the back woods tripping over snow and mud. But I DID MY JOB BECAUSE SOMEONE WAS PAYING ME.

That's how it works. Someone pays you and you do the job that's expected of you.

I think everyone knows that's how it's supposed to work with individuals.

But somehow businesses are no longer beholden to that ideal.

When a corp like Microsoft screws up the question asked is NO LONGER "Why?" or "How the hell do they expect to get away with that kind of crap?"

No people just say "What do you expect?"

Because apparently we have had all of our expectations taken away from us.


A quick overview...

1. An individual asked a company to service his product without messing it up.
2. They said they could.
3.They messed up his product.
4. Some people on the Internet blame the individual.

God, what the hell is wrong with everybody?

People call me pessimistic sometimes because I point out the flaws in how most people live their lives through lies and self delusion. I am a drag to have around.

This situation is about a toy. An expensive, meaningless toy.

But I think my main point remains. You should be able to expect SOMETHING from the infrastructure of corporations and big business that we all are in some small way killing ourselves supporting.

We have given up our planet's health. our children's future and out very souls for the toys we all use to distract ourselves from the meaninglessness of our lives.