Friday, June 29, 2007

Nintendo not tired of ripping off Sega yet.

I just saw this and thought I would post it.

Come on...

...just admit how cool the Dreamcast is and that everything else is a cheap rip off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Lonely Island

I loved the Lonely Island when they were just three dudes trying to break into TV. Three really talented and funny writers and actors who KNOW how to make quality skit comedy.

Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg.

The Kablamo Video.

Now that they got onto SNL they got a chance to make a movie. It looks like it could really kick ass.

I wish they would have stayed in skit comedy though. I really think they could create another really awesome skit comedy show like The State. Instead I think that working with SNL has been slowing them down. Their own pilots are alot better than the stuff on SNL. Plus half the stuff they do doesn't even go on air, it just goes on the website as "digital shorts". What's interesting is that the "digital shorts" that do go on air is the BEST stuff on Saturday Night Live.
It's a shame that cool skits like "lazer cats" (lazer cats 2 link) are website only. Those are really solid skits that should be on the damn show. But I guess the mainstream likes crap over quality skit comedy.

Which brings us again to the movie. I think that this will be a project that will allow them to keep their own ideas unaltered and fresh. But the fact remains that they do their best work with shorter material.

It will be interesting to see if they can make this movie work. From the preview you can tell that it's gonna have some good spots.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kick ass House of the Dead Item Guide.

This video shows some of the items you get in House of the Dead 2 original mode. Reading a walkthrough is one thing, actually seeing it is another.

Of course the items you get will not be the same. For example I have gotten different items like Rotten meat in the well on the first level with my Dreamcast disk. So the items are random. But harder saves (like saving the old man and woman in act 2) result in better items like the shotgun! So experiment.

But this video is SO kick asss.

I liked the the music.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Dreamcast Game???

Pulled from Sega Nerds. A new game may or may not be released on the Dreamcast.

You can visit the game creators site to vote to have the game, Raiden IV, put on the undead console...

The game is yet another lovely looking shooter.
Oh yes.

Sega you tried to pull the plug.

The gamers tried to kill you.

But it matters not...

The Undead Console Lives On...FOREVER.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another Dreamcast video. NGE Rei Ayanami wtf?!!?

Dreamcast Game NGE Ayanami.

This is a Japanese release Dreamcast game about one of the female characters from Neo Genesis Evangelion. I guess it's one of those dating sim type games. I never understood why anyone would want to play games like that, but hey, different cultures and all. As shown in the video it came with it's own mouse and mousepad with an underage girl in a swimsuit on it...

(I am guessing that there was probably more than one Dreamcast mousepad with an underage girl in a swimsuit on it released in Japan, but this is the only one I have heard of)

Blue Stinger "Fan" video. No Comment.

I have no comment on this video...

Sonic just stands there...and watches you golf...

That's all he does...Just watches you golf...

And then he runs...and watches the ball go into the hole...


Monday, June 04, 2007

Still busy.

I am tired.

So yeah. Still have not edited that video yet. However, I did not get a day off yet...and my downtime while not at work was somewhat stressful...

While taking a quick search at Youtube for Dreamcast vids I saw this:

At least he explained that Tony Hawk's 2 was the sequel to Tony Hawk's PS...I was really confused about that...

This has GOT to be one of the worst video blogs ever...The dude is looking away from the camera the whole damn time. He doesn't really "rant" or do anything interesting...and he only talks about 2 Dreamcast games. What the hell is the point???

Two of his key points that I found interesting:

"I love the Sports games" (I bet he does)

"Tony Hawk two is better because it's newer than Tony Hawk 1"

This encapsulates two of my main beliefs about gaming.

Number one: People that enjoy traditional sports games (i.e. Basketball/Football) ruin the industry.

Number two: People that think games are better just because they are newer are stupid.

So I guess this video does have a purpose. While I am sure he wanted to make a video that would show off his games and vast video game knowledge, what he really produced was concrete evidence that not all people that play Dreamcast games are cool, smart and interesting.

If I ever make a video this dull and crappy...I dunno. I just hope that never happens.

This video was almost at the point of "so bad it's good".

Friday, June 01, 2007

Captain S will save the day!

I have had a busy damn week and it's a long one...So really I got 8 more days until a day off...I have this afternoon pretty free though. I am gonna spend it sleeping. (and maybe try to edit that video game collection for the Dreamcast Junkyard, among other things.)

"The New Adventures of Captain S" is the online video series I have been watching lately. It's totally what I enjoy about small independent production!

If you are a Sega fan and haven't watched Captain S give it a shot. It starts slow but but keep with the episodes and you will be grateful you did...

It may only appeal to Amercians like me that had to put up with crappy shows like "Captain N" and "Saved by the Bell" in their youth, but hopefully the Sega humor will get some laughs from everyone...

Watch the newest "Filler Friday", it's great. Long live independent media production!!!!!