Monday, August 27, 2007

*sigh* Still no new media projects

I had some free time on the weekend but after swimming at my families rustic style camp (i.e. in the middle of nowhere on the banks of a Reservoir) I just didn't have time to film anything.

What with working two jobs and all it's been tough to find any free time to do anything.

And when I do have free time I am trying to find a new job...or have no ambition.

Anways I cleaned video game carts for about 2 hours straight on Sunday.

It's one of those activites that I really gotta avoid since it's a real time waster.

So after about a million Q-tips and a quarter bottle of cart cleaner later I have cleaned pretty much every one of my cart based games. All I have left are some N64 games and doubles.

I also found out that one of my orginal NES consoles runs pretty much perfectly with clean games. Damn it's pretty sweet to play Metal Gear and then quickly play some Snake's Revenge right after without dicking around with reinserting the carts. I am glad I got my NES 2 though. It's still a cool little thing to have around.

All this of course is on top of my OTHER project, storing all my video games in plastic tubs. I got some really cheap at a local grocery store. I figure it's alot better protection than the crappy egg boxes I had stored them in.

This whole deal has lead me to the conclusion that I have, scientifically speaking, a "crapload of games".

My NES collection alone can only fit in one and half 54 gallon plastic boxes. My Genesis and Sega CD collection takes up another. And my collection of PS, Saturn, PS2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast stuff? Legion. 4 boxes at least. Most of my Dreamcast games are in a HUGE 4 foot tall standing case now and the rest are in a padded case logic case and a bin (for those still in shrink wrap). Plus I have most of my consoles out next to the TV now...

The sad part of all of this is that I still have to go through my upstairs stuff whihc includes a ton of PC games, Dreamcast games, and my 2 Dreamcast wheel controllers (which are gonna take up a ton of room).

In all I think that with alittle organization I can pack all these up nicely and make them look alot better.

I will have to put some pics ups soon.

But really enough is enough. I am gonna collect some stuff still but unless I get a REALLY good deal there is no way I have room for any new consoles. I mean i got a Genesis one and bunch of controllers and stuff for $5 yesterday, But I already have like 4 Genesis consoles...I do not need another one...

If I ever get a house of my own I am gonna be able to decorate an entire room in video game stuff...

(And when people realize that the TVs they are still selling in Best Buy aren't digital I am sure to get a few decent TVs to set up in there as well).


Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Dreamcast indy release - Radium.

Looks like a run and gun game.

See FC there ARE games beign produced for the Dreamcast that aren't Shumps...

Horror / Point and Click Dreamcast Homebrew Game

Not exactly survival horror but still, at least FC will have something to look forward to.

Perhaps the best Dreamcast video game opening video?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Not much happenings - This month in game deals.

Well for the month of August I did pretty well so far.

I picked up a Game Gear TV adaptor and a SMS pocket emulator. (see earlier article.)

I also picked up an Atari Flashback 2 for $6. It came with 3 addition original atari controllers.

I got ANOTHER Genesis 2. I have no idea why I got this. I already have too many damn Genesis controllers. But it was only $6.

I got a sweet deal on SF Alpha 2, Sim City 2000 and Virtua Cop 2 for the Saturn. $10 for all 3.

Plus I got a crapload of Sega CD games for $1 each including Rise of the Triad, Ecco, Final Fight, Corpse Killa (Foo-Pah!), Lethal Enforcers, Prize Fighter, and cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

The last one seemed really interesting.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Uwu Boll is awesome.

Uwe Boll is awesome.

Sorry, but I just have to say that.

If you want to hop on the internet bandwagon and call into question his skills and movies than fine.

However, I will always respect the hell outta the guy. In a monopoly where independent stuff like "Troma" is almost impossible to produce he has carved himself out a niche. And look at the CONSTANT CRAP that Hollywood is coming out with. He is a genius in getting the money and actors to create big time films.

Also I think that some people are put off by his self promotion. You know what, if you can independently create some media as big as what he has, then you can complain about that. He has every right to be proud of his accomplishments. In this age everyone is being either a crass ignorant moron who is full of pride in him or herself for no reason or because some aspect of society tell you it's OK to feel good about something you did.

If you have the fucking brains and balls to go and do something on a large scale in the world of sheep we live in then more power to you and you deserve to have pride in your accomplishments.

Even if you don't want to admit it, the future of media lies in the hands of those that are willing and able to reach out and create. If you are really that pissed off by someone elses creations then go out and create something of your own...

If you still can't respect that then please just go support what movies you like. Don't be a fucking sheep and hop on the bandwagon.

-I thought House of the Dead 2 was by far the weakest movie. Yet even that had some really nice looking scenes. Far better looking than some of the crap in the Resident Evil films (which overall I thought were better than HoD2 of course)

-But if you think that many action films created by Hollywood are better than some of Boll's stuff than you are stupid. Bloodrayne > Electra

ZOMG! Dreamcast Swirl in Fanboys webcomic!!!!!

A recent fanboys webcomics has featured the Sega Swirl!!!!


The Sony fanboy Paul must have been a Sega fanboy at one point in time.

Oh the Dramaz!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SMS - 20 poorly emulated games on the go!

I was walking in a Target store when I saw this:

Yes that's Sonic! So I stopped and took a closer look.

It turns out this was a Coleco portable emulator with 20 SMS and Game Gear Games on it (if you count Snail Maze as a game). It's a bit bigger than a gameboy Micro with a passable color screen.

The thing can be plugged into a TV (as demostrated by Sonic himself) but the emulation is not so great. So you are better off playing on the small crappy screen. The version of Altered Beast is a joke...HORRIBLE. Some of the others were more passable.

Sonic Drift II
Fantasy Zone
Assault City
Kung Fu Kid
Fantasy Zone The Maze
The Ninja
Super Columns
Astro Warrior
Bomber Raid
Sonic Triple Trouble
Alex Kidd in High Tech World
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Altered Beast
Aztec Adventures
Global Defense
Penguin Land
Ecco Tides of Time
Snail Maze

Anyways it was priced at $49.99 originally. To much money for it. I mean it's not actual SMS technology so you would be better off investing in a Game Gear adaptor. It was on CLEARANCE for 12.99. Thats a price I could bear paying. Fifty bones though? No way, not worth it.

Speaking of game gear, check this out! Game Gear TV adaptor for $.50!!! Holy crap how cool is this??? Very cool. It works alot better than I would have thought possible. To bad it is gonna be outdated soon (Goodbye Analog Signals Hello Digital)...Anyways it has inputs in so I gotta see what I can plug in there. No German pron though (inside joke).

Sonic in a die hard parody

Sometimes that fanboy's guy Scott Dewitt can really make me laugh. I seee great things for the future of this webcomic.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Screwattack review proven WRONG.

Way to prove to the world that you are dumb-shit NES fanboys Screwattack...

Gamejew, one of Screwattack's contributors, said in a recent VC review that "Shining Force" wasn't worth $5 (despite the fact that people on Ebay are paying an average of $30 for the cart).

Hmm take a look at this article from Joystiq...


The game YOU said wasn't worth $5 made it to the TOP FREAKING TEN most popular VC games.

This proves that Screwattack can no longer be considered a gamer website, it's just a damn entertainment site.

You can go there and enjoy some decent videos made by NES fanboys with ADD who can't enjoy Strategy RPG games because they don't have the attention span to handle them.

But a gaming site? No way... The true gamers who put Shining Force in the top ten have spoken.

Huh...self professed "Gamers" allow something like that to be

If you want some cool videos go to the Dreamcast Junkyard and watch some of Gagaman(n)'s stuff.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chocolate Rain Tay get owned.

Holy crap this is what I am talking about.

This will not be funny unless you have watched chocolate rain on Youtube.

Taking different media clips and just making them into something WRONG.

Oh man Tay got so owned by this dude.

Tip of the hat goes to this video.

Made me freaking laugh my ass off. I dunno if it was because I had seen this commerical as a kid or what. Win.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Screwattack sorta pissing me off.

Screwattack should no longer bill itself as a gaming site. It really is more of entertainment site.

It's a site that has entertaining videos that mostly have to do with video games.

However, lately some of the material being provided by the website has been sub-par when it comes to true gaming.

Take for example Gamejew's latest set of videos.

He said that since Shining Force for the VC is a RPG he cannot play it and the game is not worth the 5 dollars it costs to download it. First off Shining Force is a hybrid of turned based Strategy with RPG elements. To call a game like that a simple RPG is like calling Chess a RPG.

Second, Ebay is selling orginal carts for about $30.

So how does that reflect on Screwattack? They have a video saying that $5 is too much to spend on a game that people are still spending $30 for? WTF?

This comes after the Angry Nintendo nerd was bagging on the Sega CD and 32X and complaining about adventure games. The two games he complained about weren't bad games because of their flaws. They were bad games because he didn't like the genre. Since he personally doesn't like adventure games those games suck. Basically that complete bullshit.

They are obvouly trying to play up the younger/stupider crowd who cannot appreciate older games and must have their button mashing fast paced gameplay.

Do we really want to return back to a time before FF7 finally opened up the mainstream to RPGs? If the

Plus there is also an ANTI-SEGA vibe to this whole scene.

Angry video game nerd should change his name back to the Angry Nintendo Nerd. When he was making fun of 8 Bit NES games he never said the actual system sucked just because some of the games sucked. However he did say that the Sega-CD and 32X sucked because he only had some bad games. And that Goddam Sega VS Nintendo video shit? WTF? He said the Dreamcast was "kina fun" ... he is no gamer.

And well...just look at Gamejew and you know where his loyalities lie.

Cheap games alert - New Kmart price drops.

Got some good deals for clearanced video games from Kmart.

Rouge Galaxy a nice looking RPG going for $19.99. Gamestop still selling it for $39.99.

Digesaga 2 $25.00

Dance Factory - $19.99

Tales of Legendia (PS2) $ 15.00

Narnia GC $14.00

Hitman Blood money - $15.00 (10.50 if you go during a 30% off day)

and more.

These games were not all priced when I got there so you might want to get them priced checked like I did before you buy to see how cheap they are in the system.

Plus these clearance games will only go down in price as the summer ends so it might pay to see how low these games are gonna go.

In the past I have gotten Eyetoy fitness with eyetoy for $5 and Indigo Prophecy for $4. So keep your eye on the local Kmart and remember that the employees sometimes do not have the current prices marked.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh the pain...

Sega’s new console to be powered by the crushed dreams and tears of Sega fans?

In an impressive “fake out” someone released a huge list of beautiful lies. Beautiful beautiful lies

My only hope is that this display of the average Sega fan’s ability to create hope and then have that hope dramatically ground into the dirt will show that Sega can indeed create a console that can be powered by sadness and longing…so much sadness and longing…

More morons jump on the bandwagon

So I dunno. I guess two really stupid kids see someone smashing a Dreamcast in a shitty youtube video and decide to make AN EVEN WORSE QUALITY VIDEO.

This is just two morons that are really being fake in their enthusiasm and they are obviously trying so hard to be cool.

Let me tell you. These little kids are dumbasses. They add nothing new to the "whole smashing old electronics" genre videos. Nothing.

I really think that this enforces the fact that the Dreamcast is cool. Because these kids are f'ing stupid. So naturally what they would choose to destroy would be something awesome. They probably have a PS3 and tell everyone how cool it is (even though it has no good games yet).

I do not understand this new wave of people that think that they are gonna make a decent media project when they have no editing skills and no talent or original ideas. WTF.

If you are doing a video project that you really think is great and/or you are having a fun time doing it then that's a different matter. If you are being fake and your end goal is having OTHER people vote for your video then you are doing the media project for all the wrong reasons.

I have no problem with amatures doing videos that suck as long as those people didn't make those videos for the sole purpose of winning some media popularity contest.

The kids in this video did not want to smash their Dreamcast. They wanted other people to think they were cool. Smashing the Dreamcast was only a means to that end. Thus, in the end the video is worthless (except to prove my points about videos like this).

We have alot of professional people doing this already. More than 75% of all media in this country is being produced by people who only care about the bottom line. We do not need more people adding to this. The media itself should be the reason to help create it.

Lame little unoriginal Gen Y losers. They only prove how cool the Dreamcast really is.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pissed at Penny Arcade.

As a male librarian I am pissed off at Penny Arcade.

They did this comic

Buncha bull. Librarianship was a MALE dominated field until recently. This whole bullshit idea that Librarians were always female is bullshit.

For shits sake Women haven't even been allowed to read until recently.

F-you Penny arcade for encouraging the female librarian stereotype...

Moron breaks a hammer trying to break a Dreamcast

Not original enough to be good. Only good shot was the throw off the roof. Should have gotten a second camera for another angle.

A damn shame to waste those games. What bullshit.

I am confident that anyone that would try to use a wooden handled hammer like that will eventually seriously hurt themselves. So karma will deal with those that disrespect the Dreamcast.

All hail the undead console.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Racism in RE5???? WTF?

So when I saw the trailer for RE5 I thought, "well that's kinda cool it looks like RE4 with more lighting effects". Then I saw the comments...

Some of the people commenting on the video said it was racist. Holy. Crap.

They were saying it was white people being racist against black people... Holy Shit.

(Don't they realise these games are made by Japanese people?)

I didn't think that any actual organizations were gonna touch this. Then I read this artiele.

Wow...So RE5 is meant to enforce racial hate of black people. And it's being marketed to kids...

I can't get this...

RE is a series of games that has zombies in it. You have zombies that are mostly white in the begining games and zombies that are all spainish in the fourth game...

I have played the RE series. To this date I have killed zombies of all races. Play the games again and you will see that in RE3 and RE CV you kill zombies of different races.

Yet you put a player in a "realistic" setting where zombie outbreak has occured in an African setting and people cry racism...

The people in Africa are mostly black. Thus the zombies would be black.

...The main character isn't white because he is fighting blacks and the people making the game are racist. The main character is white because BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN WHITE SINCE 1998...

People need to stop this bullshit.

All races are equally filled with useless assholes. Society should be trying to solve real problems not arguing over stupid shit like this.

Nobody is going to solve any problems by complaining about black zombies in the game set in Africa.

Is emulation really a crime? Final Fantasy example.

Yeah so I traded in the bad copy of Dragon Force with a heavy heart on Tues. I will find a working copy somewhere...

But I did get a lovely copy of Final Fantasy 3 (FF6 in Japan). What a kick ass 32 bit game!

This leads to me ask the question, is emulation really wrong?

Way back in 2000 "This guy I know" played this game through a emulator once.

It really made me want to play the game and get more Final Fantasy products.

To this date I have bought FF 1+2, 4 and5 NEW for the GBA. FF 7, 8, 9 X, X2, FF Tactics FF crystal Chronicals and XII for the Playstation 1 and 2 and Gamecube. Eventually when I find one for a decent price I am gonna get a DS and Final Fantasy 3. And even though I have FF6 for my SNES I am probably gonna buy the PS versions and the GBA version.

I actually bought most of this stuff new from actual retailers. I did this because I liked the games so much. When I really like games I try to buy new copies.

...So because "This guy I know" emulated a Final Fantasy game that was from 1994 in 2000 I bought all these games...

So how the hell can it be considered a crime to try out older games?

Because "This guy I know" tried out a game that was 6 years old I have bought almost ALL the Final Fantasy games out there in recent years.

It's total bull to consider it stealing if the game is no longer in stores or easily available in some offline form. Crap like PSO Blue Burst or Gametap requires you to have computers and internet connections to play games that used to be on consoles...what if you do not have that stuff?

Fans of the games WILL buy remakes even if they already have the game. So that's not an arguement. They are STILL SELLING Final Fantasy One for shits sake...

I think that the shareware system somewhat worked. It's too bad that nowadays it's way too difficult to get decent demos because of the size of files...

In any case the gaming industry shouldn't be pricks about people wanting play older games.