Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wow. Ustream actually works.

I am currently watching the artist from Penny Arcade draw stuff live.

It's actually pretty cool. I was under the impression that most artists as famous as that just bang out stuff quickly. He is actually quite methodical about it and takes time to draw and re-draw bits that must have not seemed right to him.

I used twitter to find out about this.

Maybe technology isn't all bad.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


... naturalists in other countries do stupid shit like this? Or is it just Americans?

It's a friggen' BEAR! Don't hand raise it and invite it to the dinner table...

...this cannot end well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How does anyone draw in MS paint???

Lately I have been looking at art that people have made in MS paint. As a great fan of minimalist art creators I tried to do the same thing.

I managed to bang this out in about 45 seconds.
It's got the same "everyone looks like a mannequin" feel as my normal pencil doodlings but there is much less control involved. You can whip up stuff quickly though.

However after that I didn't see the damn point of working on it anymore. I mean with a pencil or in photoshop it's just so damn easy to blend and erase stuff.

Paint is a nice program but I can't see trying to use it for drawing. Unless you are trying to impress someone or something.

VGcats takes on "gamers"


I saw a very few minutes from that SciFi show and I was bitterly disappointed. It really did look like they found the most most annoying casual gamer stereotypes that exist and taped them.

Scott R. is also correct in noting that the popularization of video games means that there is a dip in quality games. Many of the really good games that come out are not getting the positive attention they should enjoy because they are "too hard" or people "don't get them". (For example please consider the following review of God Hand: "Oh this game is too hard *Whine Whine* it must be a bad game because I suck at playing it and I know nothing about the genre of game that inspired it *Whine Whine* [that statement was taken verbatim from the review])

I think we actually have not gotten to the worst of this situation yet. But hopefully there will be good games released in the future and everyone who enjoys a real gaming experience will be able to get a copy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zombie on the lawn

Here's a random video of wolves eating berries.

I knew that foxes and coyotes eat berries (mostly because the coyote crap I always encountered outside my house always had berries in it). I never knew that wolves liked to eat them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Subnormality does a video game webcomic

Winston Rowntree's interpretation of Laura Croft and Samus Aran meeting.

It's not what you would expect (however, if you have read any of his other stuff you would expect this)

I was fired after having my appendix taken out. The doctor told me that I couldn't drive a car for a week and my "boss" who I actually hired (he was immediately promoted by a corporate manager trying to take over the marketing section in the area) demanded that I meet with him. When I told him I couldn't because I had just got surgery and couldn't drive he fired me.

Oh and he gave a bad reference for a job. Even the asshat corporate manager was pissed off at him because of that and apologized to me.


New TV's make old games look bad?

Very interesting...

So I had better keep that old TV then.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I knew it. Lobster isn't that great.

I knew it. Prisoners revolted against eating lobster because it was like being fed rats!

I never understood why some foods are considered fancy and "good" by most people.

Now I understand. People are just dumb.

We will praise the consumption of a water spider that just a short while back was refused by war prisoners.

It's all perspective.

It all comes down to people's skewed perspective.

At times like this I am glad that I have my own perspective on life.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Why can't we make movies like this in Hollywood?

Hell I would settle for making movie posters like this.


Star Craft 2. Can't wait.


That Terran homing missile thing looks way overpowered compared to the exploding zerglings.

It's interesting to note that there was a fan-made mod that created units called "roaches" and now there are official Star Craft 2 units that are named roaches.

...I wonder if that person works for Blizzard now or if they just ripped off the name?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What happened this year according to videogames.

One of the better Kotaku articles I have read.

Minerva: Metastasis

Minerva: Metastasis.

If you have Half Life 2...


It is GREAT!

Even though I do not have Internet access at home I was still able to play it in Steam in Offline mode! (I downloaded it from work and carried it in a flash drive home.)

It really reminds me how people made some awesome mods for the original Half Life. (They Hunger, Heart of Evil...ect)

It takes all the traditional elements from Half Life 2 and mixes them up with some very well developed environments.

Plus there is a plot!

Do yourself a favor. Play it.

I know I was still hungry for some Half Life action after beating all the single player stuff in the Orange Box.

I played a huge chunk of it last night and I am not even a quarter of the way through!!!!

And the series is not even done yet!

Did I happen to mention that only ONE PERSON created this fun game?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is so true.

When girls play video games.

I am playing...

Command and Conquer 3.

VERY action packed. I had no idea how much the gameplay differed from other RTS games.

I really like how you can fly in crack teams of soldiers behind enemy lines. It really changes up the game play.

All in all it's a very fun game so far and very well balanced.

One a side note:

I understand now how Sega tried to blend all that was good in Starcraft and Command and Conquer into one game with Universe at War.

Of course it turned into one bug infested mess.

I really tried to play that game Sega. I downloaded all the patches and EVERYTHING. Nowhere near as good as Command and Conquer 3 though.

Hardest Games???

Oh Game Daily...

I agreed with some of your choices like MDK2.

But I disagree with other choices like Doom. I remember Nightmare difficulty being fun and not one of the "hardest games of all time".

I was also able to beat Portal quite quickly. I think I only died a few times at the end.

Props for including the Metal Slug series in there.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cadbury Eggs and stuff.

I found out today that the UK's Cadbury Eggs have actual creme in them. All we Americans get is powdered milk. Plus they have better quality chocolate...

They have been making them smaller over the years. Skip to the end of this clip.

I only ate two last year.

It kinda sucks that most of the food produced in America is really lower quality and processed more than in other parts of the world.

Even the seasonal candy!!!

If it wasn't for local growers of produce and meat we wouldn't have anything decent to eat in this country. Cook your own damn food. It's better in every way!

In any case everyone have a Good Friday!

(get it?)

I never understood how the heck it became "good" friday what with all those bible passages where Jesus was screaming "why have you forsaken me" and getting stabbed by spears and stuff (In other versions he seemed much calmer but I attribute this to PR. Personally, if I was being crucified I would vocalize questions about God forsaking me). Yes it's nice that he died for our sins and managed to get out of that cave eventually but calling the day "good" seems sort of callous to the personal agony the guy went through.

But of course we can't call the holiday "The day that we betrayed, ridiculed, tortured and eventually killed Jesus". That would look horrible on a Calendar.

Perhaps it could be "Don't worry he came back on Sunday" Day.

In any case there should be a ruling against the whole "Easter Bunny" thing.

The quaint Germanic pagan theme (which face it originally probably had something to do with how lovely dead sacrificed rabbits taste with herb broth) has really been warped by my fellow Americans into something horrible and gaudy. We just don't need it.

We already have the deal where a guy comes back to life! How much more do you want!!?!??!?!?

We don't need ANOTHER mythological figure giving treats to all the good boys and girls. We have had too many treats in this country as is.


Speaking of that I am going to track down a Cadbury Egg.

You know.

Just to test the quality.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wow. Look at that thing go!

I apologize for that last post. I tend to ramble and forget this is supposed to be a blog on gaming and media stuff.

Check this thing out!

Thatlooks like it could be fun.

Loss of Customer Service.

Of course you can use the whole "stop being a whiner, that's the way things are" defense of the status quo but I think most people are starting to see how bad things are getting.

One sociology professor at my college once explained it to us this way.

We are being trained to work for the corporations.

In the past we used to have shit done for us by other people.

For example: we are tellers working for our bank dealing with automated machines. We have to do the work. They used to pay people to deposit money and take out money for us. Now we have to do all that work AND they tell us it's more convenient!

First I thought this was BS. After all going through the ATM was easier than going into the bank and waiting for a teller to help me...

...but wait. I remember when I first started depositing money as a high school student at my rural hometown's bank there was no ATM. And I NEVER had to wait because there was always at least 3 tellers working in the bank.

Nowadays I think you would be pretty lucky to see 2 tellers working in a rural branch of a bank.

That's because the banks hired themselves a new employee to do all your banking. YOU. And YOU PAY THEM FOR IT.


Recently I went into a Walmart late at night to get a new shower head and a bunch of other stuff. I got my own purchase and walked back to pay. There was NO CASHIER. I had to ring myself out at the self checkout line.

This doesn't seem like a big deal of course.

But just consider it.

I just worked for Walmart as a Cashier and a Bagger.

For free.

A mere ten years ago I could have gotten someone to ring me up and ANOTHER person to bag my purchases.

But the norm has become you working all these little extra jobs for free and not getting any of the benefit.

And if you complain? Well then you are a "whiner" and a "wuss" for not wanting to bag your own purchases and be your own bank teller. People are so influenced by "the way things are" they see NO PROBLEM with the status quo.

This is NOT "the way things are" this is how some asshole trying to generate a little bit more profit for his company decided how things should be...and we all just went along with it.


Of course I can come up with a hundred other ways customer service sucks in this country.

And it isn't all big corporations either. The small businesses in this area are mostly being run by some pretty stupid people as well.

All in all I think this country really needs to revamp some shit and generate some more intelligent middle class people. This generation of stupid consumers who go along with everything that is forced upon them and possess such ignorant arrogance is not doing anyone any good. Stop all this oppression of our intellectuals and force the bulk of our population to own up to their shortcomings.


I suppose the best you can do is find stores that you like run by people with a half a brain and support them.

Hopefully, with this depression going on stores will be willing to help out people.

Hopefully, with this depression some of the losers will be put in their place and we will emerge stronger and better.

4 gregs

God I love this limited animation stuff.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dear Valve....Sorry

I bitched and complained for years about the internet requirements of Half Life 2.

However, I did not know about a little option on Steam called "Offline Mode".

After you install the game and update it you can fiddle around with some of the settings in Steam to allow you to play all single player games WITHOUT connecting to the internet.

So I was FINALLY able to take my computer into work one day and install the orange box and update all the games.

And now at home I can play Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Portal!!!!! Without ever connecting to the internet again!

It was well worth the wait. I just wish I had tried this earlier...

...I also updated Neverwinter Nights 2 while I was at it because it was a pain in the ass to do it the other way.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I am going to get PAID to go to a video game conference!

Yeah! Sponsored by the NYLA!

Hopefully I can learn some cool new ways to promote my video game tournaments and organize them better.

(Maybe I am gonna get some cool swag!)

In any case there are 3 places near there that sell older video game stuff. Can't wait to check that stuff out!

Finally. The State comes to DVD.

The State is coming to DVD.

A lot of the topic humor won't work anymore but there are skits that will carry on.

This was a GREAT show.

It was a skit comedy show that used the talents of a number of people rather than focusing on one person only (like the Chapelle Show ect.).

Just take a look at their intro:

MTV's The State

This is what a Skit comedy show should be like! This is what I wanted when I did my college skit comedy show.

I am very pleased that this is coming to DVD.

Hopefully SOMEONE will take a look at it and figure out that they need to MAKE A NEW SHOW LIKE THIS.

A REAL skit comedy show.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shopping at smaller stores makes sense...

So I dropped in at the locally owned grocery store for some lunch items today and I got a pleasant surprise.

I got a third of a pound of provolone cheese and the lady at the deli threw in the foot (The last inch or so) of the leftover loaf for free! It was probably the same weight as the cheese I bought.

This was a big deal for me because when I worked at a deli the manager used to make me save all the "feet" for "mixed" subs. (Truly horrible things those were. A good mixed meat sandwich is fine but sometimes the variety of things leftover didn't mix well. One of my fellow employees took fiendish delight in making horrible concoctions including Head Cheese and Prosciutto with low class honey ham and rank American cheese. [no one should ever eat American cheese] I can only feel sympathy for the customer who bit into that mess.)

So yeah. You would NEVER get treatment like that at the corporate grocery stores.

In these times it's the little things that will bring in the customers.

Attention American PC gamers.

New games are coming to your local Big Lots. Includes Painkiller Gold, PENUMBRA and Evidence.

Take a look you might get lucky. Game cost at MOST $6 and at least $4. A good damn deal.

Past finds for me include:

Silent Hill 2
Painkiller Gold
Neverwinter Nights
Broken Sword

Misses (I wish I had purchased) include:

Metal Gear Solid 2 Subsitence
Pyschonaughts (I have the PS2 version but I didn't realize at the time that this game was good enough to warrant multiple copies.)