Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mouse and Keyboard are better than an Xbox contoller.


We knew this back when the Dreamcast keyboard players destroyed people using regular controllers.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DA 2 being dumbed down for sonsole whiners.

So Dragon Age did really well.

EA made some money off it.

However, they are going to listen to the whiners who complained about the 360 version not being as good as the PC version. This means they are going to give DA the Oblivion treatment and DUMB IT DOWN for console gamers.

Mass Effect was OK. But it is a DIFFERENT game than Dragon Age.

Dragon Age 2 is going to have much less choices and a much more simple control setup to satisfy the console gamers.

I warned people about this when I talked about how Bioshock was basically System Shock 2 dumbed down for consoles. But nobody would listen to me because it was a pretty good game. Yes. But it would have been BETTER if it had the inventory system of SS2.

So now we are going to have a PC game that did well CHANGED simply because it didn't satisfy the console gamers.


Do PC gamers complain when a port of a console game wasn't as good as on the system it was intended to be played on??? No. Of course not.

No because that would be stupid. And DON'T say the game isn't being dumbed down. IT IS. You go from 6 different character selections to a choice of gender! No more classic conversation choices. It's all the Mass Effect convo wheel now!

With crap like this being pulled and DRM BS, PC gaming isn't dying...


Whatever you say, PC games are more COMPLEX and IN DEPTH than console games because the programmers and the players have the tools they need to make and play really intricate games. CONSOLE GAMES DO NOT HAVE THAT OPTION.

For crying out loud if the people were in charge the next Dragon Age would require you to flail around with Kinect motion controls SIMPLY BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IS MAKING THE MOST MONEY AT THE CURRENT SECOND.

This might be it. The death of decent PC gaming from major developers.