Monday, April 30, 2007

Sonic Getting Beat Down.

"It seemed to be some sort of man..."

I am sorry for reposting this but this really made me laugh a bit. A little long.

Honestly, this IS what would happen if someone made a movie about this game..


One of these days I have to start a list of webcomics that have referenced the Dreamcast...

It's gonna be a long list...

I am still working on the Trial Run of the "Dreamast Summer Games".

Please feel free to comment your ideas to me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Soul Calibur fishing.

We all know that English people rock.

For example an Englishman by the name o' Gagamann did a cool video once showing how to use the Dreamcast fishing controller to play Soul Calibur.

...However I decided to do an update on that and show how the "American Dreamcaster" Caleb does it.

Uploaded by Blandco

In reality the first time I played using the fishing controller I rocked. I was doing throws and getting perfects.

Of course when I tried with the camera rolling I wasn't nearly as awesome.

Still, you get the idea.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Modding your Dreamcast

How to mod your Dreamcast so it can play any region video.


What's wrong with disk swapping?

No, really. Why the hell would you risk your Dreamcast when you can get the same results from a simple disk swap?

Sheeze...some people.

Still some of you that are handy with a soldering iron might like this.

Monday, April 23, 2007

No new videos yet.

There has been a ton of stuff going on so no new videos yet, hopefully soon. I have some free time this week...


Friday, April 20, 2007

Selling some of my stuff.

Selling some of my stuff. Sorry for the crappy post.

I need some money so I am selling some of my extra stuff. After careful consideration I decided to post some of that stuff here.

Sorry to everyone who actually reads this blog for content. I will do better next week.

All prices INCLUDE shipping. If you want to throw in a buck to help out on mailing then thats up to you (If you live outside of the US throw in extra or wait for a month, your choice). I would prefer postal money orders as payment. I do NOT have a paypal account.

If you have any problems with the items not working I am selling I will refund your money or send you a replacement.

All these items were bought used so they are not in mint condition. Please email
Dreamcastguy @ to get my mailing address and tell me what you are interested in. First come first serve.


$25 - A Dreamcast with power cord, AV cord, two standard controllers and a VMU. In good condition but not mint.

$10 - Soul Calibur This disk is not in the best condition but I have never had trouble playing any of the levels and never had any skips. Manual and case included.

$7- Sonic Adventure. Disk is not in perfect condition but I have never had any problems playing the game. No Manual. No front cover.

$7 - House of the Dead 2. No manual. In clear CD case. This was a rental game so it's alittle beat up but I have never had any problems playing it.

$22 - CD wallet with 6 games (+2 extras). It's just a crappy wallet with games with no cases or manuals. Games are beat up but are in playable condition. Buncha Sequels.
-House of the Dead 2
-Fighting Force 2
-Nightmare Creatures 2
-Zombie Revenge
-NBA 2K1
-World Series Baseball 2K1
-Generator Demo Disk. (includes demo of DOA2)
- I am also throwing in a buggy version of Quake 3. This game plays but sometimes crashes to the mainmenu. I think you would be able to complete the single player game. If you are able to get someoneto clean this in a store this might work fine.


$20 - A white SONY PSONE. (Playsation 1) with a nice clear radioshack dual analog controller with rumble and a grey first party original PS controller NO analog NO Rumble. No memory card included.

$12 - Zelda, Octaria of Time N64 original version cart. No manual.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of this.

Dreamcastguy @

AND DO NOT order any of this stuff unless you really want to. I am not in dire straights by any means.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Undead Console has been insulted!

Gametrailers disrespects the Dreamcast. View this blasphemous top ten list of consoles.

Number 10 slot of of TEN? WTF? They put the N64 ahead of the DREAMCAST...

It's interesting to note that they included ALL of the Nintendo products except the Wii, DS and Virtual Boy. Thats 5! 5 slots filled with Nintendo out of 10? (and they even talked about nintendo during the PS1 slot) Hmm...

Don't get me wrong here. I have Nintendo products (None that I paid full price for except RE4) but come ON...putting N64 (which should have been 10th) in FRONT of Dreamcast???? DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE SOULS?

Trust me, some asswipe knew that REAL gamers would kick his stupid face in if the Dreamcast was left out...but the 10th spot????

An INSULT to the undead console!

Mainstream web video game journalism at it's best...I do not think so.

The correct listing would have been the Dreamcast at the number one slot followed by the Dreamcast in second place closely followed by the Dreamcast in third and so on...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The dangers of Soul Calibur.

AS I was getting some background on Soul Calibur for the upcoming trial run of some of the challenges for "The Dreamcast Summer Games" I came across this webcomic.

"Damn you Dreamcast!"


Monday, April 16, 2007

Dreamcast is not dead...

The next person who tells me the dreamcast is dead is gonna have to explain this.

All the more reason to bow before the undead console...

A "trial run" of some dreamcast challenges will be coming soon. Please check back here and at Planet dreamcast forums for more info.

Submit to the Undead Console.

Bad weather.

Actual Picture from today (And this is in the city where the roads have been plowed).

Well I have been dealing with some bad weather as of late.

In APRIL I have been dealing with the worst driving conditions of the whole WINTER...

A 1/4 foot of wet joke.

The only reason I got into work was that my reflexes and hand to eye coordination have been honed to razor sharpness by the Dreamcast video game console.

So yes. The Dreamcast has SAVED MY LIFE!

And at work today I was treated to a wonderful power outtage that screwed up a ton of stuff before the UPS kicked in. being surrounded by a bunch of equipment that suddenly goes off at once is a bit of a scare.


So this little situation has reminded me that perhaps having the Dreamcast summer games during a one week period may not be the best idea. After all, something like this might happen to someone during that week.

So I will have to set up a way for people to be able to enter into the challenges in whatever way they want to. It's the proper thing to do.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dreamcast Summer games '07 announced

This is the official announcement of the Dreamcast Summer Games for the 2007 season!

This will be an open web challenge for the first week in July. You will have to try to complete whatever challenge you want to the best of your ability in that week and email your results to me within that time period as well. Hopefully Dreamcast fans that want to compete will have at least one of the games the challenges will be based on.

Basically these challenges will be on the Dreamcast console ONLY. NO PC EMULATORS.

They will be based on certain games under certain rules...

For example :

For first of the House of the Dead 2 challenges you play a normal mode game and only chose 3 health and no continues in the options. At the screen of your death (or if you win the game -good luck with that-). You will see your total time and score. Write that down as well as where and how you got your game ended. Remember no continues. No second player. No pauses. No dual lightguns.

You must also write down your name, country, age and hardware that you used to play the game. i.e.

NTSC Dreamcast - no mods.
Madcatz standard lightgun.
-no VMU
-rumble pack
Killed by a "Chainsaw Zombie" in the XXXX area.
XX minutes XX seconds
xxxx Score

Please note that heavily hardware modded dreamcasts, such as a dreamcast that is overclocked, cannot be entered into competition. Custom controllers and rare controllers will be under consideration.

This challenge will reply HEAVILY on the honor system. This contest is for fun with no prizes so players should have NO REASON to lie about or make up scores. Please note you might have to rely on pictures or video of gameplay if your entry into the contest is under question. Everyone has a good idea what is possible and what is unlikely in most Dreamcast games. Don't be lame.

You may have multiple attempts (up to three) on one challenge but again the honor system IS IN PLACE. If you spend hours trying to get a better score that is considered cheating.

Players may choose as many or as few challenges as they want.

I have a number of challenges to throw out there, but please add your suggestions to the comments of this blog.

Thank you and good luck in July.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The undead console strikes yet again!!!!!!

Racketboy has done it again!

At least I think it's pronouced racketboy...I dunno.

This time he has listed some of the best values in DREAMCAST video games!!!


Those prices he listes ARE a bit steep for my taste...but then again I am a bit of a tightwad as some of you might have noticed...but if the disks are in good condition I probably would shell out that dough for the games he lists.

The games in his articles that I have not collected yet:

Chu Chu Rocket: $8

Test Drive LeMans: $5

Virtua Fighter 3tb: $9

Metropolis Street Racer: $9

Samba De Amigo: $16 -(a damn shame I know...)

Rayman 2: $11

F355 Challenge Passione Rossa: $11

Overall an excellent reminder that no matter HOW many games we collect there are always more treasures in the Dreamcast library to look forward to!!!!

I GOTS to get my Dreamcast on tonight after reading that article...

Gagaman called it...

Gagaman of the Dreamcast Junkyard called it in this article.

Rez being played on a PC with a Wii controller...

...and it looks like awesome fun.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Rose McGowan loves the really.

I found this on Kotaku.

Apparently she liked to play House of the Dead 2 on the Dreamcast. The her dog peed on the Dreamcast and broke it... Fact or fiction? It makes a hell of story.

I always knew there was a reason I liked Miss McGowan (Other than my desire to have many different types of sexual relations with her).

I salute you Miss McGowan (with various parts of my body)!

Your love for classic gaming on the Dreamcast (and your hotness) is an inspiration to us all!

Who will be next!!?!?!

Who will submit to the undead console!

Who will admit that the dreamcast is the greatest video game system of all time!

In time...everyone will.

Dammit work!

If I don't get some more cool videos done soon I will cry about it like Emo-Spiderman.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Dreamcast. ScummVM. Pirates. Monkeys. Awesome.

Ah the Dreamcast…is there anything you can’t do?

As any true retro fan knows as well as being an excellent gaming system, the Dreamcast is an invaluable tool!

For example many different PC games can be ported to the Dreamcast with relative ease, primary examples in my collection include Quake and Doom. I bought these games for my old computer and in the case of Quake I could not play them on my more recent machine. There are fixes to this of course, but it actually seemed far easier for me to simply make them work for the Dreamcast.

Another source of games that can be ported to the Dreamcast (that some of you might or might not be aware of) are the games that can be played via the ScummVM program. I just did an article about B.A.S.S. on the Dreamcast, which is one of the games that can be played on the Dreamcast using that program. However, ScummVM can be used with many other games as well!!! These include classic games like The Secret of Monkey Island!

The DC version of this program actually supports CD swapping so you can get out the classic disk and boot it right up! Here is a list of the classic games supported by the SCUMMVM program (and the percent reflecting stability).

Maniac Mansion 90%
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders 90%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 90%
Loom 95%
Passport to Adventure 95%
The Secret of Monkey Island 95%
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge 95%
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 95%
Day of the Tentacle 95%
Sam & Max Hit the Road 95%
Full Throttle 90%
The Dig 90%
The Curse of Monkey Island 90%

Beneath a Steel Sky 98%
Broken Sword 1: The Shadow of the Templars 98%
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror 98%
Flight of the Amazon Queen 98%
Gobliiins 95%
Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb 87%
Simon the Sorcerer 1 93%
Simon the Sorcerer 2 95%
The Feeble Files 90%
The Legend of Kyrandia 80%

The only games that aren't completable on the Dreamcast are Full Throttle, Curse of Monkey Island (This actually might be fixed with the latest version), The Dig, Broken Sword 1, and Broken Sword 2. They still work on the PC version of ScummVM though.

The rest of these games can be fully played on the Dreamcast. This program supports full saving with the VMU. Please refer to this website for addition info on each game. Some of them do need additional files to work correctly.

So why bring this up now?

Simply put, Spring is coming! And that means only one thing for me…The beginning of the Garage Sale season!

Due to the fact that many people don’t know how to play these classic games on their new computers (or don’t want to bother to learn how) these games get sold for almost nothing! There is a very good chance to find these games at your local salvation army store, pawn shop or consignment shop. Ebay and Craigslist also might be a good place to look for treasures of a retro nature as well (There might even be other sources for the savvy blogger if you know where to look...hint hint...).

In fact I recently found a little treasure at what had to be one of the first garage sales in the northern NY area.

That’s right it’s “The Secret of Monkey Island”!

How much did I pay? (Drumroll please...) $1.00!

This game is quite honestly one of the funniest video games I have ever played. It funtions well with the Dreamcast keyboard and mouse. You know Gagaman left out Monkeys in his list of common themes for the Dreamcast...

To sum it up this game works like a CHARM with ScummVM for the Dreamcast.

This method is dead simple:

Get Scummvm HERE at the awesome Dreamcast Evolution site.

Get Bootdreams.

Get a classic CD version of one of these great games on the list above.

Burn the Scummvm program with bootdreams, put it in your Dreamcast, boot up to the menu screen and swap the CD for the original disk.

The game should play with Dreamcast mouse and Keyboard support (You can also use the regular controller if you want). There is an auto save function that gets a bit annoying but that can be solved by simply unplugging the VMU when you are not saving or loading a game.

It’s just another way to get some more mileage out of your classic games and your Dreamcast.

Pirates and Monkeys...and the Dreamcast...can it possibly get better than that?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Retroactive Retro!

Well it's no secret that some bloggers think they have a monopoly on retro video games.

Some of these bloggers think they know all about finding the best in retro video games deals.

And I am not naming names here. Lets just say that some mythical height deprived humanoids, aged enjoyers of digital amusement, diehard Sega enthusiasts, European based odors, and transmutated speech patterns all seem to think that they are pretty bad ass when it comes to finding treasures of a retro nature.

Well let me tell you something...Caleb from the Hunyak blog ain't no slouch neither.

I recently found an interesting little deal in a musty local consignment shop. And I didn't have to use Ebay for it either. (And not just because some dude in Japan charged 23,000 yen on my credit card).

For $2 (Thats USD BTW) I got this:

Yes you can stop your drooling, thats the 3.5 MHz powerhouse personal computer! That's with the lighting fast CPU: Zilog Z-80 (Nicknamed the Zlogger).
With count it (No really you can open up the machine and count it) 4K RAM and CUSTOM 48-key rubber keyboard (who needs all those other pussy keys anyways...)
Oh yeah...This bad boy displays 40x25 text, 80x72 graphics, 16 colors WITH EASE...
This includes those two beatutiful space-age polymer joystick style controllers with easy to access buttons (SIX buttons to be exact) all numbered and in a neat row for ease of use.
The expander also means I could possibly expand the RAM to an AMAZING 20K!!!! Though I honestly can't say that any personal computer could ever really NEED that much raw power.
If thats not enough (and I can't believe it wasn't) I got THREE masterwork programs for this sweet system.
1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasures of Tarmin.
2. Astro Smash
3. Snafu

That's right. Why don't you count them again...THREE games AND the Aquarius system AND the expansion pack! For $2.00!!!!!! How INSANE was the person who sold this electronic goodness!!!!?!!??!!??!
Check out that Rendered Beauty huh? Form and function meeting in one place...

Now I know that you are all jealous. Frankly I can't blame you. Some of us have the technological edge and some just don't. And select few of us are so far ahead of everyone on the previous list that you all look like ants. ANTS I TELL YOU!!!!!

Needless to say as soon as I get a 300 baud modem and 4-color printer to go with it I am going to use this mean machine for my primary computer. So be on the lookout for LOTS of frequent updates on this blog as I streamline my new tech.

And finally try not to be overpowered by my extreme awesomeness. And 1337ness. I am so 1337.

Don't be ashamed, I find it hard to do myself...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Toliet Tuesday video. has a video page for people to send in vids to show what games they have for the toliet. This was my submission...