Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh the joys of CLEARANCE PRICED games.

So to start off I decided to drop off at the local K-Mart on a whim yesterday and picked up some good deals.

It was almost as great as the time I got 30 game gear games and other stuff for $5.oo when the Ames chain store closed. (Sold the extra copies for more than $100.00) Good times!

But of course nothing could really compare to that. (Except when I got a bunch of discounted DC games when Gamestop stopped selling them but that was lame because other people beat me there for all the REALLY good games)

Anyways. I guess the big chain stores are trying to sell out of their old stuff. (i.e When Walmart had the packs of Soul Calibur and stuff for PS1 for like $5.) So big displays of PS2 and Gamecube stuff has been showing up in stores. Nothing great mind you...Until I checked in on Kmart. Last week they had no good deals, this week...

First and perhaps greatest buy! EYETOY FITNESS! $5.00! WITH EYETOY!!!! HURRAAHH!!!

Yes proving again that some game designers have no shame, it a video game that makes the person exercise! It was priced at $50.00 so I think that the $5.00 price was GREAT.

I have got to try this out soon. Also I got a spy game that goes with the Eye toy as well. $3

I have never used an eye toy before but it seems like a cool concept. So it looks like I am going to look like a moron playing a video game...AGAIN. Eat your heart out Maraca Vegeta.

A bit more expensive was the double pack of Castlevania Aria and Harmony $15

Very cool games though! It's awesome to whip the hell outta some skeletons throwing their own skulls at you on the go!

And finally...

Metal Slug 4+5 for $9.00, not the greatest price but I have a deep joy for fast playing video games with a ton of mindless violence. And this has it.

Not gotten but hidden (!) for today was

Indigo Prophecy $4. Ape Escape 3 $4. Gunstar SuperHeros GBA $10. Odama $12.

Has anyone played Odama? Is it worth it to pay $12? I think I am going to get the other games since they are such good prices but Odama? I dunno. Yelling into a controller is something I like to reserve for dreamcast.

Overall a success!

BONUS! Here are some stories I worked on at work today! They impact the quaint rural atomostsphere that surrounds me in my current area.

Two stories I did today that struck me as funny.

1. - A really old couple held off two 200+ pound robbers. The husband fought with the robbers and hit one in the head with a sugar bowl while the wife got the shotgun to drive them off.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO. This is one video that really captures the attitude of people in my area.

2. - Two guys (one or both of them drunk an on some drugs) used a 50 caliber muzzle loader rifle to rob am Amish man in a horse drawn Buggy. Then they followed him to his house and tried to rob that. The kicker? They were looking for drugs. They evidently confused the Amish in our area for the VERY few Amish in Penn. that once were arrested for drugs.



I hope some of those video games are still there today!


Anonymous said...

woah! I totally posted a comment on this, but it hasn't appeared!
It was after watching the old folks who'd been robbed...
It stated how much I would have liked to have a gun when my house got robbed! (I wasn't even there at the time).
Actually, it is not true... I would have willingly shot the punks that robbed us, but I would have also probably shot anyone I was TOLD robbed me , even if that info was wrong....
Guns don't let you make mistakes... All I lost was stuff...
Not imporant in the long run. They took stuff from me, but taking life is something on a different level...
I'm glad we don't have legal guns here... Although in my neighbourhood there are plenty of illegal ones...
A 15 year old innocent kid, who played football with my sons was shot with a sub-machine gun, in a case of mistaken identity.
The only good guns are light guns! (and they'll only get mine when they prise it from my cold, dead fingers...) (LOL) ;)

Anonymous said...

Good game haul too! The eye toy rocks!!! get Sega Heroes. You play in HOTD, Space Channel 5, super Monkey Ball, Virtua Fighter, NiGHTS, Virtua Striker and so on, and it's you on the screen!!!
Did a post on the 'Yard about it in September's archive I think...
Plus the Lynx haul...you are truly blessed....

Caleb said...

It sucks that EVERYONE in my area has WAY too many guns.

But I guess thats America in general.

I am very happy that my area doesn't have the handgun issue that some areas in the US have.

Give me a couple of dogs for home protection in a rural area any day.

Caleb said...

It's Got Samba de Amgio!!!!!

And the new gamestop shop has like 6 copies!