Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spoony Commentary To Boldly Flee

Well that certainly answered all my questions.

I call BS on Channel Awesome for allowing everyone to think that Spoony leaving was only because of his twitter rage / failed twitter joke.

In absolutely none of their official statements on this issue did they once even hint that it might have to do with financial issues or the fact that there are real issues with their website.  They are making some really bad decisions over there.  I mean come on.  Opening a "studio" in some warehouse in Chicago?  The reason some internet denizens like Mega64 can do that is because they have a loyal fanbase of people who lap up the same stuff year after year after year.  Do you think you can get rid of the only valuable internet commodity that you produce in house and somehow be able to afford to create something new and untested?  Maybe Doug Walker can do his Melvin character again.  That was certainly a successful experiment that proved that he can do something new.