Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas cheer

Someone created this video and I can only hope to one day make something that even comes close to it.

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fatherkrishna said...

LOL! Wow that's some weird festive shit you've posted there Caleb!!!
However! I do think it caters to the more cat-loving corner of the market!
To me... Your college skits were much better... Your video skills already transcend that!
I truly believe you have the potential for a LOT better than that... but hey! that's just my opinion! The Salad one was pythonesque... the skater one I just loved...
BTW! your VMU post inspired me to post an entire article on Gnome's Gaming On The Go...
hope you have time to check it out...
I'm also purchasing some batteries this weekend to get my VMU up and running this weekend.
This blog is turning out to be very productive and entertaining!
kep up the good work!!
Cheers FK