Friday, December 22, 2006

Sega Dreamcast - The solution to everything

Well I am no longer pissed or sad that my perfect looking SNES shit the bed and is no longer working properly.

And why? Because dreamcast is indeed the answer to all problems in life.

I followed the advice of fatherkrishna of dreamcast junkyard and saturn junkyard fame (See links to the right) and used a little thing called DREAMSNES.

...while this program does indeed has bugs and some slowdown on some games it emulated the games I can no longer play on my broken SNES on Dreamcast perfectly.

I am very happy. I didn't think that I was going to be able to burn a disk with so much ease but with the program bootdreams and Alcohol 120 (The program, not the
drink) I was able to do so easily.

So I am not going to attempt any more fixes with that damn system. I am gonna play my dreamcast!

Ironically this was probably the first case where a person used emulation who actually had the original game carts. Imagine!


fatherkrishna said...

Now aint that just grand? You see, Santa does exist after all.
And guess what just dropped through my letterbox this morning?
Death Crimson OX!
Can't let you know my opinion till after the 25th, as its a Christmas present from Mrs. Krishna! (LOL!)

fatherkrishna said...

Oh BTW! Impressive list! Will be checking out a few titles that I don't know about on your reccomendation... :)