Thursday, May 29, 2008

Never Microwave your cell phone

Holy crap! I wonder if they used a mix of puppets and CG for this?

For all my complaining about the lack of good stuff being produced in the digital age I am glad people are getting the tools to make cool stuff like this.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

God Hand is AWESOME

I picked it up for cheap at a local rental place yesterday and I played all night.

What an awesome game. It's hard but not too hard.

It's basic beat-em-up actual with some great features.

Clover really did well with this game. I don't understand why some reviewers gave this a bad score. The graphics are nothing to rave about but the gamplay is solid.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Weekend. Memorial Day.

My new job actually has Holidays!

That means I will be relaxing for a long weekend.

I got a ton of Dreamcast and Saturn Stuff to try out and a ton of DVDs to play with.

Besides that I will be jogging and trying to make a video project as well.

Have a nice Memorial Day Monday everyone! (I don't think they have Memorial Day in other countries besides the US though...)

Honor our soldiers and hope that we can get them all back safe.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few quick thoughts about Snatcher for the Sega CD.

Snatcher is pretty nice. Interesting bladerunner style plot intermixed with awesome little shooting segments that work well with a common controller. Overall it's simply a masterpiece.

Finding a backup copy that will work on an actual Sega CD system is a chore. All of the copies I originally found were THE SAME ONE. And that one had been formatted to ONLY run on an emulator. It will "sort of" run on an actual console but then it will have no sound in spots and freeze up. That's because people encoded the music to .mp3 format and never made a cue sheet so the image could be correctly burned onto a CDR. So it will ONLY work on an emulator properly. That's lame as hell.

If you happen to look towards the "canines who are low" site you will find the makings for a working copy.

It's the same version as the others that are floating around but there is a separate download for a small .cue file and instructions on how to reformat the .mp3 files into .wav files. Once you change the .mp3 files to .wav files just put the .iso, .cue files and the new wave files into the same folder and run an image burning software on the .cue file.

Now you have a copy that will work on a Sega CD console. The one I made works perfectly. So awesome!

I am somewhat upset at people who use "backups" on an emulated system. If you REALLY like the games you should get the actual hardware. Sure emulators are OK but backups are only legal if you have the ACTUAL system and game. So making "backups" that WILL NOT RUN on an actual console without major tinkering is stupid.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In cased someone missed this.

Kate Beaton makes some awesome comics about history and other stuff.

Great stuff.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Project Dead Sky Homebrew RPG is Still Alive!

Project Dead Sky is a homebrew RPG that is being created for the Dreamcast and PC. From this update I can see that these guys are pretty serious about making this a reality. The game itself seems to be an interesting mix of RPGs. I would be pleased if they used more gameplay elements from Chrono Trigger. In any case it will be great to have another RPG on the Dreamcast considering how there were only about a half dozen released on the Dreamcast in the US.

Another Update! This one is a bit dry and only interesting if you like programming (or Mountain Dew). Feel free to check out some of the other videos the team has made.

The White Chamber

The White chamber is a NICE game. I had it downloaded on my computer for a long time and never played it. But last night I installed it and I played it all the way through!
It's classic point and click with a decent horror story. A lot of the game is collecting items and figuring out the best way to use them. There are a few "action" segments of the game where you have to quickly tap the mouse or click on the right thing to avoid gristly death. Sometimes the game gets very surreal and you think you are stuck only to walk into a room and find something that was not there before. Other times the rooms change into hellish versions of themselves. So if you happen to get stuck in the game make sure you double check rooms you were just in and look for things that appear out of nowhere. The ending caught me off guard but worked. There are 8 ways to end the game. I got the "redemption" ending which somehow features the female lead in a bikini...

All in all it's a great little game with interesting art. If you like old school point and click games and space horror you should check this out. Short and Sweet.

Best of all it's Free! It was made by a gathering of university students as a way to display their talents.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Muahahaha! Web Urbanist has some cool stuff up.

I like the "graffiti" created by cleaning public surfaces.

I am less a fan of flash mob which is generally annoying.

I thought I liked S.T.A.L.K.E.R....

Russians don't mess around with their cosplay.

You gotta have some real issues to go running around Chernobyl with airsoft rifles digging around in the dirt and stuff...


Fun is one thing but did they really have to go to Chenobyl????? Really?

It looks like they had fun. I hope nobody got a bad dose of radiation.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lackadaisy webcomic review.

OK so normally I do not go for art that has animals walking around like people.

Really the Egyptians did it and that was fine and all but it seems like nowadays people take it WAY too far. Honestly, some of it is only a step above furries ( I won't even go into how messed up that stuff is).

Take a gander at Lackadaisy...It's a comic set in the gangster era of the roaring twenties right near the end when the depression starts creeping up on everyone and the crime world becomes more violent. All the characters are dressed in period clothing and everything is historically accurate...

...and all the characters happen to be cats.

But this does NOT take away from the story or setting! The cat-characters sometimes have interesting expressions on their faces which in all honesty crack me up. That's pretty much it. Besides that they act just like the alcohol providers of the 20s.

The only way I can describe this comic is to imagine if Disney made a movie about gangster cats during the 1920s, but left in all the violence.

The main draw for me is one of the main characters who seems like the sweetest little kitten ever until he gets near guns. Then he goes bat shit crazy.

Another example there is this touching scene where two hitmen are taking a guy for a ride (not the nice kind of ride either).

Holy Crap! Did they just kill that guy and leave him in the cornfield? You bet they did.

Or this scene where Rocky sets a farm on fire and laughs maniacally.

Overall this comic has quite a gimmick going and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Got some new games and Ordering new books for library.

Went back to the North Country for a bit and picked up some good deals.

I got Shinobi, Star Wars Battlefront 1+2 AND Chronicles of Riddick PC all for $3.00 Each!!!

No cases or manuals but these were not your Standard disks...MINT condition.

There was this guy who collected EVERYTHING and somehow the pawn shop got the bid to clean out his home. I looked through the piles of stuff he had. NUTS! This guy musta have had like EVERY system known to man. Including import stuff! Not to mention DVDs and books. I have alot of video game stuff..but holy NEAR the amount of stuff this dude collected. Not too much Sega Stuff to my dissapointment.

However, I didn't have alot of money so I grabbed a few cool things and left the rest.

Hmm I think the only other stuff I grabbed was an Evil Dead 2 DVD and Zelda 4 swords for the Gamecube.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Cute robots and Segata Sanshiro.

Only Persona from Mechafetus could pull together such themes for a video.

Oh forum many robots did you cause to commit suicide?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Handsome Tom Leaves Screwattack.

Good for him. The rest of the dorks at Screw A are worthless. He was the only real gamer there.

So now there is offically no reason to visit Screwattack.

He is now doing his own site:

Myths of the Mind

I knew many of these were myths.

The psychology one sort of made me upset. Psychology is highly over-rated in our culture and ALOT of it IS common sense. Much of the field is bullshit as well. Some of the most screwed up people I have ever known have gone into that "science". This is a system that went from drilling holes in people's heads to shutting down every major facility for the care of the mentally ill. So now in America the vast majority of the extremely mentally ill just live where ever they want. They wander our streets instead of living in a place where they can be safe and cared for. And who decided this? Psychologists. Now they work on normal people and ignore the growing insane homeless population and veterans. Instead of doing a service to society they tell society that they are crazy and need to pay them money. They have made a mockery of medication that should have been left in the hands of real doctors. Now parents are afraid to give their kids medication because psychologists over-prescribed meds to too many teens.

Who really knows how much guesswork is involved with this field? It's too bad the only people truly against it are wack-jobs and scientologists (Same thing but organized into a cult).

But I agree with the myth though. Psychology is not common sense. You can generally depend on common sense.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Awesome article on video game packaging

Further proves my theory that modern video game packaging sucks compared to the retro stuff.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

One of my favorite books is now a rare book.

Villains by Necessity by Eve Forward.

Awesome book. It's a shame she didn't write more.