Friday, November 24, 2006

Random stuff.

Wow. BLACK Friday...Wow. Pies and car accidents I mean I could not believe it when I saw the footage of Wally-World today at 4 AM. HUNDREDs of People there...just wow.I knew that Kmart sold out early yesterday but I thought it was because it was one of the few places open...but this?


I was even considering heading up and buying a Game boy advance micro for $40 but of course they were GONE as soon as the store opened. I mean people were waiting there at MIDNIGHT...

I guess the need for consumer electronics is really really high. Expecially in this area where we never seem to have any good sales. So when Walmart had that sale...well raw meat in front of animals and all that.

I hope Best Buy has some damn RAM left when I get outta work...I mean come on man. Or at least a copy of M.G.S 3 Snake Eater for 9.99 (I missed out on the kmart sale for 7.99...sold out at 5AM)

ON another note lots of crap goings on.I made an apple pie from random apples. I think that I had 7 apples in it and there were 6 different kinds of apples. The only 2 matching apples in it were granny smith apples. I went light on the spice and sugar and it was AWESOME. I really think that most pie recipies make the pies too damn sweet. I want to taste the damn apples. I also used lemon juice in the pie.

On a more serious note.

I had to drive through 2 VERY bad accidents on the way to work yesterday. Which by the way I worked BOTH jobs starting at 3 AM and getting home at 8:00 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holiday Pay baby.

The accidents sucked because people were driving really fast in both cases and both were bad bad scenes.

Some of the pictures I quickly shot with my digital camcorder were used on the newswatch50 website...

The guy who died in the Other accident on route 126 had a name that I recognized.

People NEED to chill out during this time of year.



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fatherkrishna said...

I hate aggressive driving... Better late in this world than early in the next...