Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So yeah at work for the last couple of days a virus attack has destroyed some of the software I use on a daily basis to edit the local news cutins. Most of my equipment and computers has been effected.

So now instead of editing on a digital system I have been reduced to editing on a level of non linear editing with digital elements.

Basically I have no more code to enter into the computer and I have to arrange all elements of the newscast, videos, graphics, camera shots, sound, EVERYTHING in manually.

It's a rough equivalent of editing using rocks.

Imagine entering the code VO4 into the computer when the system is working and the result is the ending video for the local news runs. Now without the program I have to select the correct tape and computer file for the ending. Manually rack the tape to the correct timecode, manually set the freaking thing at the end of the news rundown and set it so it runs for the correct amount of time. It's so goddamn time consuming! And this is all eventually aired live so if I forget one little detail it's all on air for everyone to see.

And I am the only person in the goddamn control room. Back in the day there was literally a dozen people in the control room all helping to put on the news. Nowdays with digital tech, it's watered down to one. Me.

Normally I love this job. However this little experience has taught me that reliance on all the digital editing tricks and software that I use has made me somewhat weak in other areas of media.

So if I am alittle light on the blogging this weak please forgive me.

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