Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FF VII ripped off!

This made me laugh. I love Final fantasy 7 and I have not finished it yet. I really have to soon.

It looks like this Korean pop star's video was ripped right from the movei Advent Children.

On another note I actually HAVE a 2 DVD copy of advent children that I have never watched. I guess I really want to finish off FF7 before I watch it. I bought it for like 5 dollars from a closing rental store so yeah.

I have watched cutscenes from both the movie and the game though. In fact in college I pretty much watched my roomate play through the whole game.

...This week when I have some free time I really need to get out my new PS1 and take up the challenge.

...but I have so many new dreamcast toys!!!! Oh the agony of being a collector...too many games to play...

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