Monday, March 05, 2007

I am going to blog today...maybe.

Well after this weekends 22.5 hour work fest I got sit down and relax down cellar!

And I played some dreamcast!

Yes I played UFC - A fun game until some jerk gets you to the ground with some cheap wrestling move and ground and pounds you...just like in the real UFC. Let them use their knees on the ground so wrestlers can't be so damn cheap all the time! Dammit... Still worth all the $.99 I paid for it.

I also played Crimson OX! And guess what FC? My North American version lightgun works gun fine. No using the arrow keys with a cursor for me! The graphics suck compared to HotD 2 but overall it's a much better game than I remembered. Maybe FC can get an N. American lightgun sometime and get the full experience. I actually got much farther into the game this time.

Then I beat the crap outta Sword of the Berserk! Finally that game is done. full review soon.

After that I stated up Record of Lodoss War again and I was suprised how cool it was. The item creation thing is a bit more confusing than I remember but overall it was alot more fun than I had recalled. More fun than the original diablo since enemies actually reappear allowing you to gain exp and money easier. I am a bit bored with the combat by now though...Give me a damn spell or ranged weapon already! The game might get better though.

The real dreamcast wouldn't be this whiney...

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