Saturday, March 03, 2007


Yeah so I am at work right now covering a night shift at the TV station. I have to stay here until 3:30 AM. Since it is a weekend there is almost NOTHING for me to do... ....but hell overtime is overtime!

So look forward to some random bloggin'!

Star Trek is playing on our channel right now...Holy Crap. Khann!!!!!!!

I was going to bring my Dreamcast into work but at the last minute I decided against it. Turns out that was mistake...dreamcast is ALWAYS a good idea...

Anyways. Gagaman mentioned screw attack on the Dreamcast Junkyard so I am checking out some videos. They make me want to create some videos of my own.

Check this one starts off annoying and unfunny...but just wait until these guys start playing Mario FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.
"So this is going to be our tip of the week" "Avoid everything in Mario World"


*edit* I did have this video embedded but it was screwing up my blogger so I just linked it. Resizing videos and shit to make sure they don't mess with my blogger format is too much work to do when I am this tired...

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