Monday, March 05, 2007

Berserk is Beat!

Yes I finished "Sword of the Beserk" yesterday!

All in all I really have very little to say about this game that you haven't already heard. Good graphics. Controls are stiff. Cutting enemies apart is cool.

A few things though.

Why the hell does the normal mode only unlock boss fighting? I really don't feel like playing the whole game on easy to get the minigame that can be unlocked! I will one day of course, just not right now.

I think the game is fun as hell...then someone decided to "change things up" and put in a few weird sequences were you are running down a hallway jumping over stuff and avoiding plants that hurt you if you touch them. I don't want to give anything away but if you trip up, even a alittle bit, you WILL DIE. And the game doesn't allow you to save right before that. Run out of continues and tough shit...You have to go through a pretty tough battle before you can try again. BS! Many games have challenging areas that make you feel good when you beat them...Others have VERY annoying areas that suck because of bad controll or field of view. This one is more annoying than challenging.

You gotta keep an eye on the rage meter. When you are in rage mode you do more damage and take very little. No use wasting health if you go into a rage and destroy everything around you without taking to much damage.

You have the option of using a handbow or the seven foot dragonslayer sword as your primary weapon. If you choose the sword you can also use some ranged weapons that you have in limited quantities. Throwing knives, spiked bombs and handcannon rounds. You can get more ammo after beating bosses, starting the game over at a save point or smashing crates, knives are umlimited ammo. Spiked bombs are good for throwing behind you when running or sticking to certain enemies. The handcannon just DESTROYS monsters with a well aimed blast but has limited ammo. The knives that you throw seem useless most of the time. However, some of the weaker enemies can be hurt with knives and they are useful to test out the defense of the boss monsters. Why waste a bomb or the precious handcannon to work out the timing of when a monster will be weak to an attack? I actually used this method on the final boss and ended up beating the thing with a well timed handcannon shot after using knives to find out when the boss's denfenses were down.

Some enemies and bosses are weak to the running jumping sword attack. Just jumping will only give you a basic jumping attack. Time it out a bit more and you will get a much better attack.

The toughest fight was midway through the game. That always bugs me. Maybe it was just my playing style but the final bosses were weak compated to an earlier one. You will know what I am talking about if you ever play the game.

The story goes along with the anime so sometimes there was stuff going on that confused the hell out of me. Who the hell was that guy? Does Guts mark activate anytime some gets sacrificed??? WTF?

However playing this game is not about story. It's about cutting monsters in half with a 7 foot sword. Get used to the weird controls and have some fun.

Overall this game was fun. I like the graphics in the game. The gameplay was good but the controls seem a bit shoddy at times. It was TOO SHORT. Not enough gameplay.

Worth about $10 USD used.


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