Friday, March 16, 2007

Blast from the past.

Well my friend Ralph Suarez has created a new site for his video projects. (Some of which I wrote and appeared in) It looks great!

It really motivated me to get some shit done.

Thats it! I am getting some video stuff done this weekend!

He also uploaded some of his projects on google video. Warm Milk 2 was one of my favorites. You don't even need to watch War Milk 1! You might not like all the inside jokes but it's still a good video on it's own. I appear about three times in this movie as two characters. The shaved headed goon of the moviemaker Vince and as "archie" a character that I protrayed in many college movies and TV shows. I like the Archie spot the best. Watch the movie! It's pretty cool to look back on the days of college angst.

Also I wrote a couple of skits for this episode of Disorderly Conduct: "The Racist" and "Dark Romance of the Vampyre".

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