Monday, March 12, 2007

Beats of Rage!!!!!!!!!

I am currently waiting for some dreamcast stuff that I found online. (Not ebay) I will post a full article on this later.

So while I was bored last night I explored some of the cool beats of rage mods that I found on the DC evolution site.

Beats of Rage is a homebrew fighting video game that is pretty exactly like Streets of Rage. The awesome people who made this program made it very easy to edit, so there are a TON of different versions out there.

Here are some of my favs.

Hatchet Ninja - Beats of Rage collection 2 - By far the best music and characters. Featuring a story that was so bad it was good! The collection also contains 8 other Beat em up homebrews.

Crisis Evil 1+2
Not as fun as the regular RE games: this beat 'em up makes you depend on the > > *punch* moves to allow you to use ranged weapons. Still awesome custom enemies from all the RE games! Nice difference in what character you use. Jill has an easier ranger weapon to use while Chris can beat the crap outta zombies close range and finish them with a shotgun blast.

Battle toads. I never thought I would like this game...But it actually changes the game up enough to make it cool! Nice animations and cartoony graphics. Wildly different levels with some platforming levels thrown in. Plus Weapons! And the guy from the Comic Zone video game (I didn't want to play as a Battletoad). Nice air combo option.

One of the few 4 player beat of rages mods! Gotta pick the streetfighter version to get the four player option. Final Fight last round is great!

ALL these mods have cool menus that let you choose NTSC (N. America) OR PAL (Europe) versions of all the games. So even the blokes on the other end o' the pond can play them.

To use these mods get the .cdi (diskjuggler image) from the right of the menu on the evolution site.

Then download bootdreams:

Put a blank 800 meg CDR in your burner drive.

Run bootdreams and click on the burn .cdi option. Find the BoR .cdi file that you downloaded from the evolution site. Bootdreams should do the rest.

Let the CD cool off a second and try it out in your dreamcast. I VERY rarely had a CD burned in this manner not work when doing this.

Since these games are free I think they are well worth the price of a CD-R.

More reviews soon!

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