Thursday, March 15, 2007

Craigslist...The new way to find Dreamcast stuff?

Well as you all know there are two kinds of people out there. Those that know how awesome the dreamcast is and those that do not.

So we all know that on ebay there are two kinds of people selling stuff. Those that want to get as much money as possible and those that just want to get rid of their dreamcast stuff (Heretics! Savages!).

But when someone just wants to get rid of their stuff about a half a dozen dreamcast fans sniff out the sales and drive the bidding price higher (Sometimes higher than the people trying to make a profit) There are exceptions but that is the general rule...

So. You are gonna get screwed over by a collector who has more money to spend than you or a shifty dealer who wants to wring as much cash out of you that they can.

But I have found a new way...The craiglist way...

Buy searching your town and surrounding area you might be able to find some GOLDEN DREAMCAST DEALS!

In my case I quickly found three different ads up for dreamcast stuff that caught my eye. The people all wanted to get rid of their old dreamcast stuff and didn't want much money for it.

Not that this is perfect mind you. Alot of scammers and people just trying to make money are there as well (as well as some people selling burned games) However you can usually avoid these jerks.

Also there is an increased chance that someone will try to screw you over by selling damaged stuff or simply not taking your money.

However, compared to the pox ridden money whore that Ebay has turned into craigslist seemed like a milk skinned virgin to me. Of course like all honest women craiglist will eventually fall from grace...and some say it already has started...

For example one of the people I made an offer to was VERY rude to me when I told him how much I was willing to pay for his dreamcast and games he didn't bother to name.

QUICK NOTE: If you have an auction where you only make a vague reference to what you are selling you shouldn't be rude to someone who offers you a low amount. This guy did NOT state what games were in his collection. So why would he be pissed that someone offered a low price? He said to make an offer!!! Most people like me would assume that he was simply trying to get rid of the stuff (like others were). But from his response he was just a snake trying to rip people off or an asshole. (Or just too goddamn stupid to list what he was selling) [or a stupid asshole, whatever]

It's the same as when people say that they "don't know if the item works" or it is "not tested". If they have that in the item description then the item is broke. There might be a slim chance that they really do not know if the item works so someone might place a really low bid on it. If the seller gets as pissy as this guy did it usually means they are fishing for people with too much money on their hands.

So as in ALL cases in life there ARE people trying to rip you off and there WILL be stupid people.

Currently I think it is easier to tell them apart on Craigslist than Ebay.

But that is no excuse for you not to take a quick look at craigslist to see if anyone has any dreamcast goodness they want to get rid of.

In a mere 15 mintues of searching I found some willing to sell this:

Dreamcast - all cables
2 controllers
Blue VMU
Soul Calibur
Crazy taxi 2
Sonic Adv
Sonic Shuffle
(Another game that Ican't for the life of me remember)
Demo disk
Web browser 2

and a

VGA BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything in MINT condition. And I mean no external case marks. Inserts still in the disk. Ads and contests still in case. MINT!

How much?


How far away from my job did I have to drive?

6 minutes.

No freaking joke.

I also found 2 other great deals which I will share with you soon.


Perhaps it's time you looked up "dreamcast" in your area?

Soul Calibur on VGA box...
so beautiful...
they should...
have sent...
a poet...

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