Thursday, March 15, 2007


Holy crap. Once you start this I dare you to try to stop...

Point and click at it's very best.

My biggest pet peeve? The fucking rabbit doesn't look like a duck. And the duck doesn't look like a rabbit. THE DAMN DUCK LOOKS LIKE A RABBIT. IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A DUCK!

I only beat this game at the cost of a large portion of my sanity. Be warned...


The frog is the key...

Never leave anything lying around.

Look in every corner.

Pots can get dirty. You need a nice damp bit of something to clean that off.

For your health look carefully at green leafy vegatables.

The scale is only useful if you complete it and tip it upside down.

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MOMKISS2U said...

u r very bad to have posted sphere. I am stuck.....