Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wow. A ton of posts. Game scrounge update for October. Complaints about Pawn shops.

I have been posting alot lately.

In any case here is the October issue of:


October was a GOOD month.

A new pawn store opened/reopened in town.

I got a copy of Powerstone 2 and Gauntlet for the Dreamcast for $4. EXCELLENT. Now I have powerstone 1 and 2.

I got a CRAPLOAD of rare RPGs for the playstation. Lunar Silver 2 (Only the game) Suidoken, Tree of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics. I over-bid for them though. I paid about $8 a piece. I didn't get the copy of XenoGears because I already had a copy. I am kicking myself now though because that game is RARE and my copy is more beat up than i remembered. I also picked up copies of Parasite Eve 1 and 2 for nothing. Which is cool because they are rarer than I first thought.

I am still kicking myself because now I know that the owner would have sold me them for alot less than that and he probably got them for like .75 each. I suppose I made a positive impression though and I will probably get some better prices in the future because of it. However, the kid he has working there is short a few bricks. Some dude came in and sold him 4 CRAP games for like $20. The kid would have to sell ALL the games and he would only get a profit of $5. What the hell. It's gonna be impossible to unload shit games like that. This pawnshop is gonna go down because of crap like this. But I heard the owner is gonna sell to new people soon anyways.

Another thing that pissed me off is that the kid said that they wouldn't be buying any more Dreamcast stuff to sell... This drove me almost CRAZY. They had 11 Dreamcast games in total there. I bought 6, another person(s) bought 5. IN A WEEK. They sold ALL of the Dreamcast games in stock in less than a week... And now they are not going to buy any more??? WHY? You made profit on them! You sold me in a short period of time. MEANWHILE you are buying up new gen SHITE for WAY too much money for little profit, if you sold any. WHICH YOU HAVEN'T. You have NOT SOLD ANY OF THAT CRAP IT'S STILL SITTING THERE. Meanwhile nearly all the PS1 stuff you had and ALL the Dreamcast stuff has been sold in record time for a pawn shop...Holy Shit you are paying $10 for a shit copy of perfect dark for the 360 that is selling at Gamestop for $15...And yet you won't accept Dreamcast stuff that people ARE GIVING AWAY to the other pawnshop that YOU COULD ACTUALLY SELL AND MAKE A PROFIT.

So yeah. I could complain about this mis-mangement all day. This jackass seems to be more interested in making a quick buck on stolen shit from Crackheads than making actual money. The cops are gonna shut this stupid place down soon because of this. What a freaking waste of storefront space...

From the other pawn shop I got Rygar for the PS2 for $5 and Yakuza in MINT condition for $6. I think the Yakuza purchase was pretty good since I saw it for like $17.99 in Game Craze.

Gamestop has a Buy One get one for %50 off. So I picked up FF Crystal Chronicals and Beyond Good and Evil. Beyond Good and Evil is AWESOME. I can't believe that I saw before for like $5.00 and didn't get it. If you like Zelda GET THIS GAME. This is one of those games that the stinking masses of gamers missed out on.

I also got Zone of the Enders which is kinda cool but pissing me off because my copy is crashing during the save game section...DAMN. I think I might go into the game a bit more and see if I can save in a different spot. In any case the game was worth $5.00.

In addition I ended up purchasing Lunar and The Phantasy Star collection for GBA. Now I officially have enough RPGs for the GBA that if I ended up on a desert island with nothing but a supply of food, batteries and my GBA collection I would still be playing by the time rescuers arrived 3 years later.

"Sorry I haven't finished with these yet. Could you come back in about 4 months?"

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