Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I wish I could go out and scare people or run around in a costume and get drunk (last year) but I have work today and early tommorow.

Gonna be some good scary movies on during the weekend though.

Here is the promo for the scary movie I created in college:

Also the skit I wrote for Ralph's web show and skit comedy DVD.


gnome said...

Hey that's impressive. I presume you got the whole film done, right?

Caleb said...

Well not really.

It was supposed to be a 45 minute project but some of the actors couldn't make it to some of the scenes and everything got screwed up. This was mostly because it was done near the end of the semester. I had REALLY good actors in it and they did a hell of a good job with the crap script I had wrote.

In any case some people liked it and the special effects I did (both digital and traditional) turned out great.

The end project turned out to be 21 minutes and was in black and white.

It taught me ALOT about trying to do a major project like this and I will plan much better then next time I try to do something like this.

Also it was too tame for a real vampire movie. No real passion in it.

Next time I will be much better prepared to do it.