Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gamestop manager, 21 gets killed during robbery.


The details are a bit unclear but it seems the most logical scenario is that the robber was a druggie and put too much duct tape on the managers face.

It's a possibility that he meant to kill him it's a possibility that he didn't. However

I worked nights as a manager in a gas station chain store for almost two years. This could have easily been me. If it wasn't for the fact that I gave free soda and coffee to policemen, Forest rangers and sercurity guards (Hell ANYONE with a gun and a uniform) I think my work enviroment would have been alot more dangerous.

I am pissed off at alot of the comments about how "he didn't mean it" and "This kind of thing happens". Having attitudes like that and pretending that this sort of crime is not preventable and looking at stats saying that crime isn't as bad as it once was is BULLSHIT. We need to be doing better than this.

We need to stop this "war on terror" overseas, shore up own borders and deal with some of the the shit that is happening in here. What the HELL happened to the "war on drugs"? And I am NOT talking about marijuana or any other substance that might end up damaging or killing the user. I am talking about Crack and Cocaine. This poison has killed way to many people and has made any urban area in this country a more dangerous place to be. A shitload of criminals are making WAY too much profit off this shit too easily. For the money we are throwing away in Iraq we could be protecting our own country, getting the educational system out of the gutter and taking down the criminal infastructure that results in shit like this. We should bring back the old school mental health centers for people who's brains have been fried by drugs. Instead we let them get high in jail or let them walk the streets.

People think that a crime where a 21 year old manager gets killed is a shame but they can't do anything about it. They shrug and say that it is just how things are and at least they are better than they were according to statisitics. Bullshit. We can be doing something about it. Law and Order in this country works when the public tells the elected leaders TO MAKE IT WORK.

Instead we are just a bunch of scared little children who say that bad things happen and there is nothing we can do about it. Because that's what the rich people who run this country tell us while they relax in their secure gated communities and out- of-country villas far away from any crime. We have been fed these lies about how there is nothing that can be done about these problems for so long we believe them.

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FUNNYMAN said...

I hope the person who killed him gets life in prison.