Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sonic! Smash Bros Brawl!

It does my heart good to see Sonic beating the vermicelli outta that plumber.

Wow. How cool is that game shaping up to be? I loved the N64 and Gamecube version for multiplayer. I might eventaully have to buy a Wii... Ah well I can wait until next-next gen comes out and all the non-gamers sell theirs.


The GagaMan(n) said...

You can WAIT for this? I'm grabbing this day one.

Caleb said...

I got my rule about how much I am willing to spend on Next-Gen.

Of course that might change when I get a new job and such.

But really. I am working 70 hours a week and there is nobody living near me that I can game with.

So yeah. Waiting.

Maybe when I get a better job in a bigger city.

Sonic does look pretty damn cool in this.

gnome said...

Never played a Smash Brawl title before, but this one is mighty intriguing... Then again, I got to wait for you dear Caleb to try it out first...