Friday, October 12, 2007

MORE excellence from Zero P.

I am so glad that that I found this site. This is an excellent review of Bioshock showing how the whole experience has been dumbed down for consoles and that PC gamers have ALREAY PLAYED better games than this. System Shock is great. Bioshock doesn't expand much and is cut down because most console gamers can't handle all the cool shit that PC gamers have gotten used to. Of course I love console games, but for the most part they are not as complex as PC games.

So now we have PC game ideas getting dumbed down for consoles and PC games concentrating TOTALLY on Online Multiplayer shit. I am getting depressed. Lucky for me I have Dosbox.

And the whole "Two endings" thing is pissing me off too. Woot.

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gnome said...

Ahhh! Top class humor... See why I don't care for ScrewAttack now?