Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Console games? No time. PC gaming.

I am f'ing still pissed off about the whole "I can't play HL2 because my home cannot get internet access" thing. (You have to register online when you install it, which is a PAIN)

Despite that I have been playing some other PC games. In fact I have a crapload that I haven't installed yet.

And of course work has been rough too.

Oh. And I got a crapload of PS1 RPGs and a copy of Powerstone 2 from a pawn shop.



gnome said...

Finally oh Caleb... you returned to land of th righteous... Welcome childe, welcome!

mikey4u1984 said...

At least you haven't abandoned gaming all together like I do for days at times.

p.s. Kool job in representing the Dreamcast in UKR

Caleb said...

Well gnome I had to keep up my wireless mouse skills.

And besides, considering I use the Dreamcast mouse and keyboard along with programs like ScummVM my Dreamcast is like a mini-PC gaming setup.

Mikey: Yeah I take breaks from gaming alot because of work and sleep nowadays. Sitting down to read the uncorrected proofs my Library gets in really gets my brain in the gaming mood for the next time I have free time.

gnome said...

A cunning setup Caleb... Like the home computer of the late 90s that never really existed... most intriguing...