Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sitting at work during a Holiday...AGAIN!

Yes, Here I sit again. Not really doing anything.


Lets see. I suppose I will just list off what's going on in my life.

-I have decided to do 50 situps everytime I play a video game. I have 100 that I have to catch up on. I figure I have done about 300 so far in the past 2 weeks. I have to set the heavy punching bag set up in the cellar so I can beat the crap outta it. Gotta do something for exercise in the winter.

-I have a very vivid dream last night. Lets just say I am not complaining. It's weird because mostly my dreams have been lame as hell. I hope this trend continues.

-My car has been making some weird shudders. It happens so infrequently. I thought originally I had some water or ice in the fuel line. I have used gas line HEET twice now. I will have to get it checked out when I get my car's spark plugs replaced.

-I put in my resume to a job offer I got in the mail. This is pretty much the first time an employeer has contacted me about a job and not the other way around.

-My parent's car Bandit is now in my care for awhile. He is a nice easy-going cat for the most part. We have gotten into the habit of using a window for him to get in and out of the house. The only drawback is that he seems to enjoy sleeping on the same places I use. So evertime I want to sit on the couch or sleep in my bed he is already sprawled out in the middle of it.

-I failed in my personal quest to avoid junkfood since I bought a ton of chocolate this morning. Boxes of Lindt and other quality sweets are on clearance of 75% off at Walgreens. I will have to freeze it and limit my intake.

-I updated the NYS divorce and annulment law folder at work. It took a LONG time. Note to self. Never get married or divorced.

-I got a copy of the Red Star. I also got another Sega Saturn with a ton of mint games (I plan on doing a video about that purchase). The lady who works at the goodwill store saved it for me. It pays to be nice to those people. Yesterday I got a NES complete with 12 games. Kick ass.

Ugh. Another 6 hours until I get to go home. Gotta get groceries today.

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