Monday, January 14, 2008

Nintendo ripped off Wii controller from the Dreamcast...FACT

Yeah the Dreamcast had a fishing controller that used this tech. So yeah I believe this video.

Comment from Youtube:

"This is not how the Wii controller came to be. If there is 1 gaming company out there that does NOT just steal ideas it is Nintendo.I mean for crying out loud the douchebag isn't wearing pants. That alone proves he isn't all there... literally and dressingly."

Hmm....Yeah...Nintendo NEVER Steals ideas...

In ANY CASE, the whole "boxers" thing. For a very short time in America during the Mid 90's there was a brief fashion trend of shorts like these that looked alot like boxers.

I used to wear shorts like these. They are not underwear. They are just like board shorts with a design that makes them look alot like boxers. Lots of people wore them when it got too warm for tattered jeans and flannel.

I stopped wearing them in 1999 though when I went to college.

You can't even BUY these shorts anymore. This adds validity.

As for the whole "Why now and why not when the Wii first came out?"

It takes YEARS to get the legal system working in the US. It takes LONGER when you are dealing with a huge corporation. If you try to rush something like this the attack dog lawyers every major corp keeps will TEAR YOU APART. It WOULD take YEARS to get a decent lawsuit that wouldn't be shot down before the press got to it.

How can you look at that video and not make the connection? It's the EXACT same Tech used in the EXACT same way.

No way this is a coincidence.

And SCREW YOU Nintendo Fanboys that say Nintendo never steals any ideas. It's a Freaking Corp. They ALL steal ideas.

Except for Sega. Sega is above all reproach.

That goes without saying.

All hail the undead console!

All Hail the Dreamcast!


FUNNYMAN said...

I am not surprised at all that Nintendo would steal.

bob said...

Making fun of his shorts? Give me a break. You must be from the rust belt. They don't look half as stupid as long jeans and brown leather shoes look in the summer.