Monday, January 28, 2008

Angry Nerd makes a good joke...and everyone is too stupid to get it.

So the Nerd actually made a good joke in his last video.

After he reviews Rambo for the NES he reviews the lightgun game for the SMS.

For a joke he tries to play it on a flat LED screen. It doesn't work and it's plain he is making a joke because he shows a wide angle shot of the TV to show that it is a new flat panel TV.

Lightguns don't work on the new screens. At least none of the NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast guns don't.

He has an old TV that he usually plays 8-bit games on so it's obvious that it's a joke. Why else have the extended shot the the TV to show it's a newer TV? He is making fun of people that don't know that old lightgun games won't work on newer TVs.

Evidently people on the Internet are so stupid that they didn't get the joke at all.

I read serveral comments on a Kotaku article about SMS games on the Wii that said the SMS sucked and the lightgun doesn't work. One directly referenced the Nerd's video.

So...I dunno. There are obviously ALOT of "gamers" out there that don't know that much about videogames or AV tech.

If these people don't know about lightguns and older video games, why the hell would they watch an entertainment video and then start spouting off and talking trash about Sega.

I don't know if I want to be pissed off at these people or just feel sad for them.

Why do they watch videos on Retro gaming when they can't get the jokes? Why do they diss a system if have never played it?

You are not going to learn anything much about Retro gaming from the Nerd videos. They are for entertainment. Not education.

If you just jump on the bandwagon and make snarky little comments based on shit that you see on the Internet, well, it's just plain lame.


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