Friday, January 18, 2008

New interview with the inventor who came up with the Wii Controller.

A Man with a 'stach this cool cannot be in the wrong.

Joystiq interview and overview.

I DO NOT understand why all these fanboys are siding with the corporation on this one.

The controller Patrick Goschy was patented and that patent appears in the Wii Patent.

Midway sold this dudes idea to Nintendo.

He knows that he is probably NOT going to get any money. He was under contract when he made it. He was FORCED to give up his ideas because of the dot com fallout. He just wants recognition for coming up with the idea.

The controller HE INVENTED was a light gun with accelerometers in it. In the video you can see it was used IN THE EXACT SAME WAY A WII IS. HE INVENTED IT. Put a patent on it and even created video proof that it he created it WAY BEFORE NINTENDO HAD ANY KIND OF WORKABLE CONTROLLER THAT LOOKED LIKE THIS.

I understand why Nintendo wants to keep everyone thinking that they came up the idea all by themselves. They have their money and company image to consider. The only move they can make is just say that their controller idea was different somehow. Which it is not.

What I DO NOT understand is all the people on the Internet that are rooting for the big corporation without giving the actual individual involved the benefit of the doubt.

Some people just plain ignored the facts and called this a money grab

They ignore:

1. - Nintendo lists his patent in the Wii Patent.
2.- He said that he mainly wants recognition, NOT money


I just don't understand why anyone would side with the corporation on this one.

Nintendo is NOT some friendly little corner toy store. They are a corporation that exists to make PROFIT. Sometimes, if they have to, they do horrible, unfair things to individuals.

And I am NOT knocking Nintendo at all. ALL Corporations HAVE to do this because if they don't they will cease to be. Until globalization magically fixes all the evil multinational corporations (which will never happen in my lifetime) this is the world we live in.

Corporations have to do what they can to survive and prosper. CORPORATIONS ARE EVIL. It can be loosely argued that sometimes they are a necessary evil created by out own consumer culture. But with the system we have in place now you CANNOT expect corporations to act honestly.

Even if they KNOW that this guy's ideas DID help create the Wii controller they will NEVER admit that unless it somehow profits them.

So this guy steps up with PROOF that he helped create this sort of tech....

...and people just automatically shoot him down.

I just CANNOT understand that.

Humans can lie and cheat and swindle.

Sometimes we all seem like scum of varying degrees.

But to AUTOMATICALLY take the side of corporation over fellow human? Without reading the story. With NO EVIDENCE THAT NINTENDO DID NOT USE THIS GUY'S IDEA????

I mean forget the whole story about some stupid video game shit.

Forget all that shit.

People automatically and without thought took the side of a corporation instead of a human being.

That is really fucked up.

Even if the dude had been lying and Nintendo had proof that they didn't use his ideas I really expected that people would consider the question before siding with a corp. Fine. If you read the article and decided for whatever reason Nintendo was right then fine... You can say what you want. Most people who have internet access can and they will. Fine..


Even if the guy IS just some asshat trying to earn some quick cash in a deceitful way, why would you just automatically just post a negative response without even reading the article. Some people DID. They just AUTOMATICALLY started to write bad things about a fellow human being just because he was perceived as doing something negative against a video game company.


A shitload of people did just automatically sided with the corp and started to insult the human EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CLEAR THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE SITUATION WAS. They just did it.

Nintendo just provides you with video games. Toys. In the long run they are largely unimportant. Meaningless lights dashing across a screen telling a story that you could have enjoyed in roughly the same manner through a number of different media. (Books, remember books people????)

Yet some people decided to defend this "thing" and insult a fellow human being.

Everyday, in little ways, I get more and more disappointed in the human race.

We no longer take the side of our families, our communities, our people or even in some cases our country.

Now we all just bow down to faceless machines who at the end of the day DO NOT CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE.

If you want to side with a corp, fine. That's your choice for now anyway.

If you want to say that Patrick Goschy is a liar and trying to pull something, well if you actually read the article and formed an opinion of your own, FINE. It's totally OK to have that opinion if you are basing it off something other than your love for a corp.

But LOTS of people didn't read the article, didn't really know what the hell was going on and STILL formed that negative opinion. That's NOT OK.

But if there is ever an dispute between a Corp and a Human please remember which one YOU are...please.


mikey4u1984 said...

As a business owner I can see both sides of the issue, but what I would do if I was Nintendo. I would tell this guy in a official letter written by lawyers about how his invention was not copied but merely
just influenced our product. To be nice I would offer a $10,000 gratuity just because we cared and any legal action against us would end up in a counter lawsuit that we both did not want to get into, with the possibility that we would counter strike.

You will one way or the other fall for the corporate charm. The system is designed for big business to thrive.

mikey4u1984 said...

This guy would look so cool with some aviator sunglasses and a 45. Magnum.

fatherkrishna said...

I fully, wholeheartedly, and undisputably side with Mr. Moustache. Nintendo! Give him his recognition (you already have by including referencing him in the patent) but do it publicly, give him a big fat cheque and look like the good guy instead of the greedy corporation you undoubtedly are...

mikey4u1984 said...

Good ole FK!

I knew you would side with Mr. Super Stach-O, You always root for the underdog!!

fatherkrishna said...

Of course Mikey! You know me! I'm always gonna be down with the little man! It's my duty! LOL!