Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apparently the average age of gamers is 13.

I have always heard that it was 33 but I guess I was wrong.

I am glad FOX news is here to tell us the truth...

So yeah. The game is rated M for Mature.

A parent buying this game for an underage kid is the equivalent of buying a R-rated movie for an underage kid. It's their choice. And if they give the money to to the kid and DON'T regulate HOW they spend it then it's the SAME THING.

I NEVER had any money before I turned 16. I just didn't. I don't understand WHY American parents nowadays have to give their kids so much money. It's ruining the economy, not to mention music and media in general. Do you think a loser like Britney Spears would have EVER funded her current drug fueled existance if 35 million teens hadn't spent the money THEIR PARENTS GAVE THEM on her shitty music? Pretty much everything media-wise is aimed at young kids because it's an easy buck for companies. That's pretty much why everything sucks nowadays.

Back to the original point...

The Game "Mass Effect" does NOT have full nudity. You can see worse on basic cable.

If you live in Canada you can see EVERYTHING. I was watching a Canadian cable station the other day and I saw the movie "Gangs of New York". In the whore house scene...Yep. You could see full frontal for at least 5 minutes of the movie. In that five mintues you could see more breasts than in EVERY AMERICAN VIDEO GAME featured in 2007. (Well maybe if you count GoW it would even out I think there were alot of breasts in that game) Plus all the violence in the movie was uncut.

...hmm. Doesn't Canada have less violence and sexual based offenses per person than us?

Maybe that's because Americans think that someone else should be raising their kids for them instead of DOING THE JOB THEMSELVES.


mikey4u1984 said...

They check for ID when a M rated game is being purchased so I don't understand?

The GagaMan(n) said...

News reports like this really make my blood boil. They clearly have no idea what they talking about and give the one guy there with any common sense no screen time at all, cutting him off before he gets a chance to set things straight. The blond woman at least did a little research and appeared to be surprised by how far gaming has come, she wanted to say she was impressed, while the others yapped about "why ain't they still playing pong?". Morons.