Friday, January 25, 2008

I am not the only one to defend Uwe Boll.

I am not the only one to write a blog in defense of Uwe Boll.

My older blog.

This guy is out there getting the money and making movies.

It's become like a lame internet meme to say he sucks.

If you really have that much passion and think his work is totally without merit than go out and try to make your own media. In this age of affoardable digital stuff there is no reason not to.

But of course the internet people all just make fun of him to get hits on their sites.

They hardly ever come up with examples of big budget mainstream Hollywood stuff that is somehow "better" than Uwe's movies.

The plain facts is that there is alot worse stuff that cost alot more money to make that is in theaters right now. There is alot worse stuff that NEVER gets past production. That we NEVER see.

If you are out there actually producing media than I respect you.

If you are just sitting at a computer writing bad reviews for Indy movies instead of writing about how horrible MAINSTREAM media has become and how much money Hollywood wastes then no, I do not respect your opinions. You are writing those reviews for the wrong reasons.

If you want more SHIT like "Epic Movie" and "Meet the Spartans" than keep it up.
It's not going to be some dipshit sitting at a computer that is going to turn things around in the film industry. It's going to be Independent movie makers who somehow find a way to get their movies made. And Mr. Boll, if nothing else, shows IT CAN BE DONE.

Uwe Boll rocks.


gnome said...

Now, even though I usually cant stand the average Hollywod action flick, I must admit I'm quite intrigued about this Uwe Boll guy. At least he doesn't act boring...

The GagaMan(n) said...

Did you see the recent interview with him about the House of the Dead movie? He blamed the games not having any good story for the film to not have one, and slagged gamers off about it in the process. Why not just write a good story? After the shit he said recently, I find it hard to defend him making films about games when he doesn't even like games..