Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pretty bored.

Not alot happening with video games lately.

I got a crapload of PC games including Fable the lost chapters and KoTOR, salvation army dirt cheap and in mint.

I have NOT done the videos I wanted to do on my Saturn collection.

I am very tired today and the only thing I really have to do is get a $5 haircut. Wensday is $5 haircut day for men. My hair always looks horrible when it's long and I never can seem to make it look good. So short haircut. My hair grows really fast too. When I was skinnier back in college everyone thought I was in the military. No. Just lazy.

SO yeah just that and I am gonna rest up and do some cleaning later on today. Get all the trash picked up and then vaccuum and clean up the kitchen and bathroom. Do some laundry...Hmm. I will miss having laundry machines in the house when I move into my small apartment...

I have to get my car looked at tommorow.

Sat is my last day as a librarian at Syracuse library. It's kinda sad since I have just learned how to process serials properly (Something my boss librarian has trouble with). I have learned alot during that job and I learned to LOVE the Dewey Decimal system. You should love the Dewey Decimal System as well. Someone should organize all the decent websites out there by Dewey....oh God I am a library science dork now...

I have been thinking of making a point and click adventure with the AGI program.

Then people could download it and play it on a PC or Dreamcast using ScummVM.

That would be cool.

It will be nice to have some free time.

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