Thursday, December 20, 2007

Worst Dreamcast Hater Video Ever....Really.

First off this was his original text:

"wat inspired me to make this video was a dume kid who thought dreamcast could own ps3 well he can go to hell"

He will probably change it since I called him on it in a comment.

A few comments:

It's nice that this guys parents decided to buy him all this crap. It's too bad they don't spend as much effort on educating him. He is WAY to young to have remembered anything else but the newer generation of consoles which is a shame.

The great majority of his points make no sense at all. But that's mostly because he is young.

It's like this video is a compilation on every stupid Sony Fanboy, Internet loser, moronic Punk I have ever encountered on the net.

1. Young high pitched pre-puberty voice
2. Hyping up "online play" If dealing with losers like this is online then keep it.
3. Sony fanboyism for seemingly no reason.
4. Highlighting Multi-Platform Games as a reason to buy a PS3?
5. Calling people misspelled names.
6. Calling someone else "kid" when in fact this guy sounds 12 years old.
7. Making over-generalized points on technology he knows nothing about.
8. Making comparisons that make no sense in context.
9. Calling other people "lonely" and "sad" because they don't have the latest tech to play with people online with an earpiece. Picture this young kid surrounded by all the PS3 junk which probably cost enough for a whole semester's books in college. He thinks that online gaming on the PS3 is really social? Wow.
10. Under-age kid playing 18+ only rated games online where a lot of people use offense language.

The whole "online gaming" thing that crops ups with these kids is frankly pissing me off. These are the little jerks who use offensive language and racist terms because they don't know any better. They shouldn't even be playing mature rated games at all.

Instead of giving these jerks something to do until they eventually stop being completely annoying, parents give them high end video games and what seems like unfrettered computer access. And they don't learn about ways to lock the consoles so underage players can't play games that are not suitable for them. If this kid's parents did he wouldn't be able to play half those games.

Go outside and play in the snow or something kid. Go do anything until you grow up and hopefully learn to stop being such a annoying little pest.

Or at least learn alittle more about video productions and video games in general so you can make a decent video and stop bagging on awesome games people are still paying a premium for.

The Dreamcast rules.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Wow, has this kid ever even been anywhere near a Dreamcast? He clearly knows zilch about it other than the fact that Sonic's on it, and comments like "What does the Dreamcast charge up on, AAA batteries?" make no sense whatsoever XD

Comparing a system he has clearly never even played, let alone owned, to a modern expensive system with the latest tech is completely pointless and rather sad, which is sad because apparently if you play Sonic your a 'Loner'...yeah.

I tend to not let videos like this bother me. Be safe in the knowledge that all this bad karma will bite him in the arse when he grows up and realizes what a pathetic waste of space he is.

Caleb said...

Good comments Gagaman(n).

In the future I will try to ignore this stuff as much as possible.

gnome said...

Almost infuriating... Silly kids..

fatherkrishna said...

Very funny Caleb! You find some great stuff!

"I tend to not let videos like this bother me. Be safe in the knowledge that all this bad karma will bite him in the arse when he grows up and realizes what a pathetic waste of space he is..."

You nailed that one Gagaman(n)!

mikey4u1984 said...

Well maybe its just my nature or something but I just had to leave this homosexual kid a comment on how dumb he really is. I was not bothered by the video since really this kid knows nothing on gaming but its just annoying he had to pick out a console he knows nothing of.

mikey4u1984 said...

Hahh hahh,

he took down that stupid video after I left my comment, maybe after purposely confusing him with a girl or maybe after saying how dumb he really.

Caleb said...

Knowing these little pukes on the web he took it down because someone made fun of his pre-puberty voice.

Next time he will probably use a voice modulation program like all the rest of the annoying 13 year olds out there.

Caleb said...

For anyone who cares he took it down and reposted it.

Either he doesn't know how to use Youtube or he did it to get rid of the negative comments.

Either way I am not going to watch any more crap he puts up.

It's so stupid.