Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More on Persona 3

So I was considering some of the imagery from the Persona 3 game I just got. Here is the Japanese intro

High schoolers shooting themselves in the head with what looks like real guns is pretty damn disturbing imagery for a game. In fact one could say that the highly stylized art of this game glamorizes it. I don't think it does. In fact I think any form of art, including games, should be able to use any kind of imagery without censorship. People's reaction to this video though confirms many of my personal beliefs.

I have always thought that society in general keeps suicide on too high of a pedestal. Imagery in a game like this is disturbing but what is even more disturbing is that some people don't see the real life act of suicide as the completely stupid act it is.

For example in college I did this skit:

The whole idea behind the skit was to put the idea of "a cry for help" suicide attempt in the open in a amusing way.

When I was talking about the skit with a another person, not actually watching it, they were somewhat offended I would make a comedy skit about a subject like that.

However, I think that because people HAVE put this idea forward it takes away from the "ideal" that society has given the act and less people do it. You have to make fun of taboo subjects or they will ALWAYS be taboo and nobody will ever get around them.

I think that most suicides nowadays occur because of genuine mental problems created by a lack of proper medication. It's too bad that since some young people were over-medicated and improperly medicated now parents are afraid to put their kids on ANY medication. And that has led to more suicides because parents are not willing to provide any alternate treatment. They simply refuse to medicate their kids.

I think that if more people would be involved with the kid's life most of these teens would find some reason to keep going.


fatherkrishna said...

Is that you Caleb? the proud mom? LOL! That's SO South Park to me! I think this shit needs to be parodied (sorry about the spelling)

I've had a couple of close friends suicide and I think if something could have awakened them from their depressive stupor that would have been a GOOD thing!

Nice skit dude!

Caleb said...

Geeze, for the last time I am NOT Chris!

For one thing I am not as good as an actor as he is.

Thats me at 1:47 with the short hair and sunglasses. It's pretty lame that I was so skinny back in 2003.

I gotta loose some weight.