Friday, December 14, 2007

Beat RE REmake, AGAIN!

Beat the game on hard with Chris, a first for me.

I was already playing Kingdom Hearts, STALKER and FarCry (almost to the end). But I just had one of those moods to play some survival horror and I hadn'y played RE in a long time.

I took my time so I didn't unlock anything which is fine. The game is pretty kick ass even after beating one on hard with Jill. Playing as Jill is easier simply because she has more item slots. She has less health but I am so kick ass with the Gamecube controller I hardly ever take hits in that game. I had like 5 spray cans and like 4 herb combos at the end of the game on hard.

In any case this game is TIMELESS. Killing zombies and learning about Wesker's betrayal is constant.


*Rebecca Chambers LIVES! That was so cool because for a long time I thought she died! Having to bail her out during the game was actually pretty fun rather than having Barry Burton constantly save Jill.

I am alittle pissed she never showed up in any other game besides RE 0. And why did she suddenly become a wimp in RE after killing all those monsters at the other mansion in 0? Maybe she will be back in RE5.

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fatherkrishna said...

I'm onto it Caleb! It will be completed in 2008!