Friday, December 28, 2007

Not much happening during the holidays.

After the non-work - work I had during Christmas I am feeling a bit down during the holidays here.

Oh, and I am playing Oblivion now. It's Morrowind but without that annoying monetary system and the whole thing has been toned down. Now there are only 4 guilds and no temples.

I really like the scaled up enemy system. Morrowind got way too easy but this game seems to keep up with me. Alot of people complain that you level too fast, but that's bunk because you don't HAVE to level. You can just practice stuff that isn't in your field for awhile too level the playing field. Then you can raise your level by sleeping just a bit at a time. This goes against "gamer logic" that higher levels means an easier time killing enemies though so lamers bitch and complain about this feature. I like the increased enemy power though. I play a sneaky character who has to use pretty much anything from magic to Alchemy to level the playing field.

Alchemy is easier than Morrowind but still fun as hell. I think half my game time has been spent running around the woods looking for poisons to kill my enemies with. Did you know that strawberries can be made into a deadly poison??? Apparently they can. Anyways you can never go wrong with alchemy because there is NO FAILURE rate involved,. Kinda lame.

It's a pain that game developers seem to be simplifying games for consoles.

PC gamers can handle alittle complexity people!

In any case this game runs just fine on my computer.

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