Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hurrah For me! Mentioned on PBC-Productions!

Pbc-Production's member "Z." Briggs read my letter during the latest "Little-Miss-Gamer" web show!

I am so happy. This totally made my day.


(The end of the excellent pinball episode)

I am glad that other people liked the old PC game inserts. My trusty map of Ultima 6was the only thing that got me through that game.

Ah. Some games are getting better inserts though.

This cures my "Tuesday Blues"


gnome said...


fatherkrishna said...

Congrats indeed! DAMN! I've not visited your place for far too long! That was an excellent link!

Is it just me or is Little Miss Gamer a bit of a fox?

You know... *Takes off glasses, shakes out hair...*

I should probably leave right now...

And pinball!!! I love it! Both the hands on version AND it's virtual counter parts... Pokemon pinball on the Gameboy Colour is one of my favourite games of all time!