Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Games!

I recently bought the second full priced game I ever purchased.

Persona 3. Which is going for like $75 new on amazon and Ebay. So I don't feel all that bad that I bought it. Plus I can't find it on any of the major retailers sites anymore. They don't even list it on their sites.

I have alot of RPGs for the PS2 but the artwork in this one seems pretty cool. Plus you play high schoolers who unlock their powers by shooting themselves in the head... ...I am not kidding. I suppose this might be why all the major retailers don't carry this anymore. It was an oversized DVD package with an art book included. I have no clue how the gameplay is but considering I could sell an opened copy on ebay for about as much as I paid for it new in store I figure it was a good deal.

I also got Oblivion, Game of the Year Edition which was on sale. Plus I had coupons for Best Buy. I like the Best Buy promotions because you don't have to spend money. You are pretty much guarenteed coupons and store credit just for signing up. They do hassle you a bit sometimes with unwanted credit card offers and stuff but that is easy to ignore.

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